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Still Healing from Allison Holker’s Departure from So You Think You Can Dance, Watch Disney’s High School Musical

Thanks to reading another post about someone who deserves crap for watching Disney’s High School Musical for fun, I ran across a nice picture of Allison Holker dancing in Disney’s High School Musical.

Allison Holker from So You Think You Can Dance in Disney's High School Musical

Update: More Allison and Ivan thanks to google video

While I think it’s cool that she was in this show. I’d much rather check out a video of Allison from YouTube:

Or Allison and Ivan’s previous Tango Dance:

And if you are really desperate you can search some of the videos on the So You Think You Can Dance Website(CAUTION: this will resize your web browser)

It will be interesting to see what Allison decides to do next.

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July 29, 2006 I Written By

Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

Benji and Heidi’s Club mambo, Black Mambo and Broadway Dance, Fake Your Way to the Top

Since I started to mess around with embedding YouTube videos on my blog I decided that I should post 2 videos of why Benji and Heidi deserve to win So You Think You Can Dance.

Benji and Heidi – Club Mambo Dance, So You Think You Can Dance
Black Mambo – Angel and The Mambokats Angel & The Mambokats - Horizontal Mambo - Black Mambo

You are welcome to argue this point, but you are wrong.

Ill also throw in the recap of the results show here:

Good evening dancers, fans of Dance, parents of dancers, trainers, television junkies, heat wave victims, etc. Welcome to another spectacular episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Tonight, despite record-breaking heat across the country, 2 young dancers will be sent packing leaving only 6 left to fight it out for the grand prize.

We have a cool opening routine choreographed by Tyce Diorio in that Chicago musical style. It’s no undead zombie dance like last week, but pretty cool. Out host Cat Deeley trots out and lays out some info. Last night was another record-breaking night with nearly 10 million votes.

Let’s once again meet our amazing judges. Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and my dog, Dan Karaty, bring the noise!

First we see who the bottom dancers are. On the Cat chopping block first, Donyelle and Natalie. Natalie is in the bottom 2 and Donyelle is safe. I didn’t type it, but my thoughts exactly. Next up Allison and Heidi. I think it’s going to be Heidi and I’m wrong, she’s safe. This means Allison will be doing a solo.

Time to see about our dancing men. Benji and Ryan are up in front of Cat first. I really think Ryan is going to be the one doing a solo. Annndddd, right I am, Benji is safe and Ryan is soloing. Now it’s Ivan and Travis. My guess is we’ll see a solo from Travis based on that miserable quick-step. Correct again! Ivan safe, Travis solo.

Now even though we have a bottom 4 dancers the vote has already been decided. Before it gets announced we’ll see solo from each of the bottom 4 plus a special performance by Busta Rhymes.

Natalie – solo
Charlotte Martin
Natalie bursts forth doing her patented mega body flex aerobic explosion leaving her completely out of breath. All the judges give great compliments, but at this point it’s just air because the vote has already been decided

Ryan – solo

Just Fine
Chris Brown
Ryan comes out totally subdued as a sort of intro. After a 5 second stalk walk and a stare down out toward the audience he breaks out his slick contemporary moves coupled with a rhythmic hip-hop feel. The judges show him some love.

Allison – solo
Feeling Good
Michael Buble

This is a sexy side of Allison we haven’t really seen yet in a solo. Her hair is hanging in front of a very sultry look as she comes off the stairs. She pulls some amazing slinky moves coupled with amazing perfect flips. Dan Karaty calls her the most versatile dancer on the show.

Travis – solo

Gotta Get Through This (acoustic version)
Daniel Bedingfield
Travis doesn’t wait long to bust out the pirouettes, but does manage a few more tricks. Impressive solo as always. The judges all radically disagree with me saying Travis should not be in the bottom 2 this week.

Here’s the big time musical guest, Busta Rhymes! Busta traded in the top-of-the-head braid sprout for a simple black baseball cap. He’s definitely looking his age but still the same Busta minus a little of energy.

Now for the hard stuff. The ladies are up first. Cat dishes out the tough break, Allison is going home. You would think it was Natalie going home with all the tears she’s letting loose. Allison gets to a quick goodbye dance for her fans. Dancing to This Woman’s Work by Maxwell. She does some emotional charged flails and sweeping jumps all the while Natalie weeping in the background.

Now we see which of the boys is going home. Ryan is going home, not too much of a surprise. I half think he expected this. Here’s Ryan’s last dance to Chris Brown’s Ain’t No Way (But You Won’t Love Me). That’s the show people, see you next week with the final 6.

If Ryan didn’t expect this he’s crazy.

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Allison Holker and Ryan Rankine Get Sent Home on So You Think You Can Dance – What Allison?

Allison Holker and Ryan Rankine both got the boot last night on So You Think You Can Dance. While Ryan Rankine getting kicked off wasn’t a surprise at all since I predicted his certain demise in my post Ryan Rankine and Natalie Fotopoulos Are Going Home Tonight on So You Think You Can Dance. At least I was right that I realized that Natalie going home was a “toss up”, but I still think that America was wrong and that Natalie Fotopoulos should have gone home instead of our dear sweet Allison(and Allison Holker is indeed mormon officially).

Well, I don’t think it was just me that was shocked that Allison got kicked off the show. I guess our only hope now is that Natalie is hurt so bad that she is unable to perform and that Allison can come back in her place. Wouldn’t that be cool? I’m not sure it would happen because if you think about it, Allison would have to be learning the dances that Natalie is learning. That would be kind of weird. However, I guess we could be really surprised next week.

Benji, Heidi and Donyelle are still kicking butt. If you look at my website statistics it says the same thing. I have a feeling that Benji is going to run away with this. I’m not sure why. Can someone fill me in on why he’s running away with this competition?

Well, another nice episode. I loved Allison’s tribute dance when she danced with Travis. I think that Dmitry should have done the same thing as Allison and danced with a partner. The camera would have still focused on him.

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July 28, 2006 I Written By

Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

So You Think You Can Dance Tour

UPDATE: Here’s a link to find the 2008 So You Think You Can Dance tour.
CANADIAN UPDATE: Here’s a link to the first So You Think You Can Dance Canada Tour details.

For the first time ever, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE will be hitting the road in September! See your favorite dancers in person. The tour will go on sale on the weekend of August 12th. Check back here for the official SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE tour info updates.

Here’s the list of locations so far:
12-Sep Seattle, WA Paramount Theatre – BUY TICKETS For So You Think You Can Dance Seattle!!
13-Sep Portland, OR Arlene Schnitzner Hall – BUY TICKETS For So You Think You Can Dance Porland!!
15-Sep Oakland, CA Paramount Theatre
16-Sep Universal City, CA Gibson Amphitheatre
17-Sep Phoenix, AZ Dodge Theatre
19-Sep Denver, CO Lecture Hall
21-Sep St. Louis Fabulous Fox Theatre
22-Sep Chicago, IL Rosemont Theatre
23-Sep Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee Theatre
24-Sep Minneapolis, MN The Historic Orpheum Theatre
26-Sep Detroit, MI Masonic Temple Theatre
27-Sep Cincinnati, OH Proctor & Gamble Hall at the Aronoff Center
29-Sep Cleveland, OH State Theatre at the Playhouse Square Center
30-Sep Buffalo, NY Shea’s Performing Arts Center
01-Oct Mashantucket, CT Foxwoods Resort Casino
03-Oct Newark, NJ New Jersey Performing Arts Center
04-Oct New York, NY The Theater at Madison Square Garden
06-Oct Philadelphia, PA Academy of Music
07-Oct Boston, MA The Wang Center for the Performing Arts
08-Oct Albany, NY Palace Theatre
10-Oct Washington, DC DAR Constitution Hall
11-Oct Charlotte, NC Ovens Auditorium
12-Oct Duluth, GA Arena at Gwinnett Center
14-Oct Miami, FL Jackie Gleason Theater
15-Oct Tampa, FL Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center

I say so far, because I’m hoping these are not all the locations for the tour. It seems to be missing some major places that they would want to tour. Take for example, Las Vegas. If So You Think You Can Dance doesn’t make it to Vegas then I would just have to say that this tour sucks. Not to mention it would suck for me since I couldn’t go.

I just can’t believe they are doing so many performances so close together. It depends on the dance, but it sure does seem like a lot of dancing. I still think that Ryan Rankine should have been sent home instead of Dmitry. Not only because Dmitry is better, but because he also would be much more interesting to see on tour.

I’ll let you know more as they put out more tour dates. What other cities are missing? Where else should they go so you can see them dance?

UPDATE: Boston Ticket Price: $38.50 – $54.50 Thanks OMPA

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July 27, 2006 I Written By

Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

Ryan Rankine and Natalie Fotopoulos Are Going Home Tonight on So You Think You Can Dance

Yes, saying “Ryan Rankine and Natalie Fotopoulos Are Going Home Tonight on So You Think You Can Dance” is just my personal opinion, but don’t try to tell me otherwise. Did you see their performances last night? It’s not looking good for them. I’m not a betting man, but I’d bet you that Ryan Rankine is gone. Natalie might be a toss up, but she’s still my odds on favorite.

Sure, Allison Holker and Ivan Koumaev weren’t too fantastic either, but people love Allison and Ivan. Ivan is the best soloist on the show. Just doing a solo I don’t think there’s any dancer I’d rather watch. Don’t tell me that Allison didn’t look HOT in her second Sexy Love hip hope routine. She was looking great. I didn’t know what Mary the stop screaming Murphy was talking about when she thought Allison should win, but she’s gown on me.

Don’t even try to point at Donyelle getting voted off. She’s way to popular with the public. Travis also seems to get votes despite not having too many fantastic performances ever since his krump performance near the beginning of the show.

Benji Schwimmer and cousin Heidi Groskreutz are definitely the best couple dancers. Maybe it has to do with them being counsins and having danced together for their entire life. Regardless, they got lucky with 2 styles that matched their skills wonderfully.

More importantly, Benji is going to get the most votes. If you look at the number of searches for Benji’s name that have been sent to my site you can see that America loves Benji. How would it be if Benji and his cousin Heidi were the last 2? Could you imagine? I think they’d be so happy they wouldn’t want to choose a winner.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see Ryan Rankine and Natalie Fotopoulos booted off tonight.

Here’s the show recap for those who missed it(or wanted to relive it):

Here we go… the final 8 contestants bloodthirsty for victory in that very pleasant dance bloodthirsty way. Our lovely host trots out looking French new-wave gorgeous as always. Let’s meet your judges for tonight! From the left: Dapper producer Mr. Nigel Lythgoe, Ballroom queen Mary Murphy, and my boy back again, Mr. Dan Karaty, aka Dan K! Tonight’s show is totally packed, so let’s get right into it.

Donyelle and Travis
London Bridge
They’re in with Shane Sparks doing hip-hop first. Shane is giving them animal avatars to inspire this dance. For Travis it’s a monkey and Donyelle a kangaroo. We see yet another totally bizarre costume choice for a hip-hop routine. They’re wearing white masks that completely cover their faces. The dancing is good, but it’s so bizarre to not see a dancers face it’s kind of distracting. Nigel, forever the traditionalist, gives it a no-go on account of the masks, Mary loves it and Dan is in the middle.

Allison and Ivan
La Cumparsita from “Last Tango in Buenos Aires”
Orquestra Escuela de Tango
Playboy Alex de Silva will be teaching Allison and Ivan the Argentine Tango.
Lacks some of the flare of their notorious original tango routine, but it’s still astounding. The judges aren’t totally ecstatic but they still love it.

Natalie and Ryan
Turn the Beat Around
Vicki sue Robinson

Doriana Sanchez will be teaching Natalie and Ryan Disco, my favorite. This remix has a bit of a Latin flavor injection so the choreography follows suit, but something still feels a little cold. The Judges come down pretty hard on the chemistry of the routine, especially my boy Dan K who cuts right to the point by saying it was no good.

Heidi and Benji
Fake Your Way to the Top
Dreamgirls (the original cast)
Heidi and Benji have Tyce Diorio as a choreographer for a Broadway routine.
This style seems perfect for this couple, both exuberant hams who like to make crazy faces. The judges absolutely love it, especially the chemistry between Benji and Heidi. Mary even lets out one of her trademark screams.

Donyelle and Travis
Dancin’ Fool

Barry Manilow
Glen Weiss is teaching the pair the ever problematic quick-step. This is looking really boring so far, nothing quick about it. They eventually break out the “quick” part of this dance and it’s not impressive. I say this dance should be eliminated; no couple has ever shined doing the quick step. The judges did not feel it at all. Mary starts her critique with what amounts to “No offense but…”

Allison and Ivan
Sexy Love
Shane Sparks is teaching the pair a hip-hop routine. Finally a hip-hop routing that isn’t built entirely on gimmicks. Allison and Ivan are really together on this one with some simple yet perfectly executed moves. The judges all dig it, especially hip-hop connoisseur Dan Karaty who likes this departure from Shane Sparks’s normal style.

Natalie and Ryan
I Will Get There
Boyz II Men
They have the standard minimalist contemporary pajama-like costumes on, Natalie complete with a flesh-colored knee brace. Natalie does a pirouette that starts to tilt and fall. That’s the thing with these contemporary routines, I can’t tell if that was a mistake or not. It looks like the pair redeemed themselves to the judges after their first routine.

Benji and Heidi
Black Mambo
Angel and the Mambokats
Heidi and Benji have some serious work ahead of them with the club mambo taught by Alex de Silva. They’re really nailing this dance head-on tight and totally together. I think the judges are going to eat this up. Nigel is nearly out of breath with compliments, going so far as to say they are the reason So You Think You Can Dance is the number one summer show. Dan Karaty says it was easily the most professional routine on the show this year. I think it may come down to Benji vs. Heidi in the final show.

That’s the dance magic for tonight. See you tomorrow with the results!

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So You Think You Can Dance, Rockstar Supernova, The One, America’s Got Talent All in One Night

If you are like I and have been watching way too much reality TV you would have noticed that last night all of the following shows were aired: So You Think You Can Dance, Rockstar Supernova, The One – Making a Music Star, and America’s Got Talent.

I think each of these on its own would be quite entertaining shows I wonder why Monday nights are so boring as far as shows go and last night was so chock full of shows. Saturday night is another boring night. At least they could replay these shows so we could see the ones we missed. However, I think reality shows just aren’t as good when they aren’t live.

Well, regardless I had to pick my order of channel flipping amongst all the reality shows and so here’s the order of shows that I liked with a little review:
So You Think You Can Dance – This is by far the best of the reality shows. You can see many of my previous posts on So You Think You Can Dance

America’s Got Talent – Taylor Ware and The Millers harmonic is still my favorite after 3 semifinals. However, I think that rappin’ granny is one of the funniest. Although I think rapping granny should have been a people’s choice and not the judge’s choice.

The One – Making a Music Star – This is a pretty decent show. It seems like there is a little too much drama and I’m not that excited about the judges. However, I think the performances are interesting and they do a good job keeping the suspense interesting.

Rockstar Supernova – You can see my review of Rockstar Supernova

Well, I’m not sure if this blog is going to become a reality blog mixed with a bunch of technology, but I kind of like how my blog ebbs and flow according to what interests me at the moment. I’m still not sure why more people haven’t commented on my site.

I guess everyone agrees with my opinions.

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Benji Schwimmer and Heidi Groskreutz (From So You Think You Can Dance) Dancing at Showcase Division 2005 US Open Swing Dance Championships

In my previous post about Dmitry Chaplin and Martha Nichols Get Sent Home on So You Think You Can Dance I put a link to an incredible video of Benji Schwimmer a mormon, and his cousin Heidi Groskreutz also a mormon, dancing at the Showcase Division 2005 US Open Swing Dance Championships. However, it was buried in the midst of Dmitry getting kicked off. Therefore, I thought that it deserved a post of its very own:

Tell me that isn’t amazing!!

See Also:
Old School Video of Benji Schwimmer Dancing – A Benji TV Network or DVD?
Still Healing from Allison Holker’s Departure from So You Think You Can Dance, Watch Disney’s High School Musical
So You Think You Can Dance Tour
Enlightening Questions About So You Think You Can Dance(SYTYCD)
Benji and Heidi’s Club mambo, Black Mambo and Broadway Dance, Fake Your Way to the Top

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July 24, 2006 I Written By

Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

So You Think You Can Dance Show Recap

After my previous review of So You Think You Can Dance I found an interesting show recap on their site. It is interesting to read through the different dances and summary of opinions.

SHOW 217

We’re back for a very special So You Think You Can Dance, 2 hours people, big time. Tonight we will see 2 routines from each couple and a solo routine from every dancer. This means it’s one for all, no more voting for couples. I see tears coming soon from a couple of tightly bonded pairs.

Tonight’s judges are the unconquerable Nigel Lythgoe, the sassy pair of Siseli and Elisa, and a foreigner (sorry cat, England doesn’t really count anymore) Jean Marc Genereaux.
Let’s get down to the dancing; there’s is a lot to see tonight.

Martha and Ivan
Me and You
This new couple draws hip-hop taught by Shane Sparks. The first couple dance of the night is starting off pretty mellow with the pair dressed like detectives from a wil smith movie. I really expected more from this couple in terms of hip-hop, they didn’t really bring it. Evidently the judges disagree with me and really liked it, minus some issues with the chemistry.

Donyelle – solo
Git It
Bun B feat. Ying Tang Twins
Doing her first solo of the competition, Donyelle is getting it krunk with some high boots and camo. The audience is really into this routine and the judges dig it too. They’re not surprised Donyelle’s confidence and spirit come through in her solo work.

Dmitry – solo
Pump It
The Black Eyed Peas
As always Dmitry is exhibiting an almost aggressive amount of chest, why even wear a shirt I ask? Regardless of what I think about this the ladies will be voting, many many times. The judges liked him as always, but Nigel thinks this chest-baring stuff is getting old, and distracting from the dancing.

Travis and Heidi
Plaza of Execution
The Mask of Zorro (soundtrack)
Travis, now spilt from Martha, picks Heidi out of the hat as his partner for today. The pair is doing the Paso Doble, taught by our good friend and judge Mary Murphy. They come out looking a little crazy, Heidi hanging upside down behind Travis, or some weird conglomeration like that. They’re really taking this routine serious. The judges really like the power, the drama, and the chemistry.

Ryan and Allison
Klement Bonelli
Ryan chooses picks Allison and they get they get they’re specialty, Contemporary tought by Mia Michaels. This piece is pretty intense in the physical demand aspect, but Ryan and Allison are handling it well, but it’s still a little cheesy. But wait, they have a surprise ending, they jump of the stage in tandem, pretty cool. The judges really like the fluid and unique nature of the routine. Score one for Mia.

Martha – solo
What are you waiting for?
Gwen Stefani
Donning a huge green gardeners hat, Martha hits the air doing some powerful powerful moves. The judges don’t think she sold her solo as much as she should, like she was holding back. Looks like Martha may be in the danger zone.

Ivan – solo
This Luv
Donell Jones
Ivan starts with his standard hip hop pop lock thing, but then throws in an amazing twist. He’s wearing those roller shoes scooting across the floor. The judges like it, but just that, no real stellar reviews.

Donyelle and Dmitry
Sing sing sing
Swing Kids (soundtrack)
The Donyelle and Benji power-team is now broken up, this new pair is is doing the lindy hop. Donyelle keeps her partners, Dmitry keeps losing them, let’s see how this match works. They come out in stride with a lot of confidence, but I keep seeing some minor missteps. They pull off some pretty astounding tricks, which should probably make up for any problems. The energy itself in this dance is pretty impressive. The judges all totally dig it.

Benji and Natalie
Benji picks Natalie out of the hat for a jazz routine. Tyce Diorio will be teaching the dork-queen combo. They’re dressed like they just got off a life boat in the Bahamas, which works quite well for Natalie as you might expect. They seemed to really have nailed this routine, and the judges agree completely. Nigel just said “joyful” if that gives you an idea.

Heidi – solo
Dum Diddly
The Black Eyed Peas
Wearing a tiny flesh colored piece of sparkling cloth, Heidi brings out the power burst in her solo. The judges loved her modern ballroom routine, leaving siseli and elisa at a loss for words.

Ivan and Martha
Sandy’s Song
Dolly Parton
Ivan and Martha draw the very serious and elegant ‘Smooth Waltz’ for a routine. The pair has some serious obstacles to over come for this dance, one being Ivan staying serious. They come out looking very elegant and at least 15 years older, well maybe 5 for Ivan. This dance is supposed to be smooth and elegant and all those kind of words, but it feels pretty flat. The judges agree giving mediocre reviews all around. The French judge, Jean-Marc, says the couple didn’t frame the dance correctly. As we all know, frame is very important in any ballroom style.

Travis – solo
Belief (Stripped Version)
Gavin DeGraw
He’s breaking records for spins here, or pirouettes as they call them. Other than that, h just does some dramatic leg lifting. He really makes it look easy which I think is considered a good thing. The judges like his solo a lot.

Ryan and Allison
Bye Bye Blackbird
Liza Minelli
Ryan and Allison draw Broadway for their routine. This style is a departure for each of their specialties, but I think they have the power to work it on out. These costumes are absurd; bright red, with white fedora’s add a pair of fishnets to Allison. I’m not really sure what the make of the dance, it’s a little out of sync and seems like they don’t really know what’s going on, almost like dancers on some early morning kids show. The judges are not impressed either giving blasé reviews all around saying Ryan is overly technical with his style.

Natalie – solo
Leah Andreone
She’s really exercising the modern dancer strengths in this routine, one of which is getting several people to cry. I bet she’s safe with this solo. The judges love it all the way.

Benji – solo
Land of 1000 dances
Wilson Picket
This is Benji’s very first solo performance, I didn’t realize Donyelle had been that good for him. He does his standard Benji moves, modernized west cost swing style eliciting chants from the audience. The judges totally love it.

Donyelle and Dmitry
Hey Mama
The Black Eyed Peas
For their second dance the new power couple is doing the Samba, taught by Mary Murphy again. The pair is in stalk mode like sexual dynamos on the dance floor. The judges think it was great all around, a real organic success.

Heidi and Travis
*music TBA
The blonde couple draws contemporary, which Travis loves but is giving Heidi some serious trouble. Whatever Heidi was crying about during class isn’t an issue anymore because they totally nailed the choreography. The judges love it, even Nigel is expressing some heavy emotion. Score two for Mia Michaels choreography.

Allison – solo

We Belong
Pat Benetar
Wearing only the finest in gypsy island wear Allison does her smiling contemporary routine. The judges like it, but think her emotion was a little static.

Natalie and Benji
She’s freaky
Shane Sparks is charged with teaching the princess and the dork how do hip-hop ghetto style, no the easiest job. They come out dressed like auto mechanics in full coveralls. It’s a pretty rough and aggressive routine for this couple and I don’t think they really hit it right. The judges think it was fun, but lacked the real hip-hop flavor.

Ryan – solo
Canned Heat
This is the song that made Napoleon Dynamite famous for dancing, Ryan almost does him one better, almost. The judges really like saying Ryan dances big in all aspects.

That’s another amazing episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Come back tomorrow when we see who get eliminated, plus a musical Guest Chris Brown.

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July 21, 2006 I Written By

Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

Dmitry Chaplin and Martha Nichols Get Sent Home on So You Think You Can Dance

Dmitry Chaplin and Martha Nichols got sent home tonight on So You think you Can Dance. I can’t say I was really dissappointed by either of them getting sent home. I was actually quite glad that Martha Nichols got sent home. I don’t think she did a good job dancing at all. The difference between her and the others was great. I will give Martha credit on many of her ballroom dances she looked very nice and had some nice lines. Otherwise, I was glad she got kicked off. Think about this. Which girl would you have take her place? I’m also glad that Natalie Fotopoulos was second from the bottom. I hope she goes home next. She’s all body and sex appeal.

I think that the American voters(8 million is nuts) did a real disservice to Dmitry. How can the fans on TV go so crazy and the people at home not at least make him into the top 5 guys. I was surprised that Cat Deeley didn’t get on the phone and start voting for Dmitry. Cat’s interaction with Dmitry has been one of my favorite parts of So You Think You Can Dance. I know Dmitry would be gone sooner or later, but now didn’t seem the right time. I guess this goes back to my personal theory that having friends is important in these voting contests. I remember on one of these voting shows people had set up a room similar to a telethon with phones to vote for their favorite. I guess Dmitry doesn’t have friends. Maybe if they accepted text messages from Russians he would have gotten it. Too bad it’s America’s favorite dancer and not Russia’s or the World’s. Is that Nigel Lythgoe’s next show? I also have to admit that Dmitry’s most impressive moment was when he did an incredible lift with Donyelle Jones. I guess the guy does have some muscle.

As an update to my previous post on So You Think You Can Dance on Fox I have further found out that not only is Benji Schwimmer a mormon, but his cousin Heidi Groskreutz is indeed a mormon(at least someone on a message board said they knew her and said she was). Not to mention she’s still my favorite(and HOT). If you don’t believe she’s hot and an amazing dancer then watch this Youtube Video of Heidi and Benji dancing. I’m 99% sure Jaymz Tuaileva is a mormon. Otherwise, why would his profile say:

“My dad used to dance at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii when he was younger. I would call that dancing professionally. He used to do a mean fire dance that’s for sure.”

Jaymz should have busted out a fire dance and he’d still be on the show. For the record, the fire knife dancers at the PCC (Polynesian Cultural Center) is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my life. My jury’s still out on Allison Holker(that last name looks way to much like hooker…she needs to get married) being a mormon. I’m not a betting man, but I’d bet she is a mormon living in Orem, UT.

Well, I don’t want to leave too many people out. So, I better cover one of my favorite soloists Ivan Koumaev I wasn’t too impressed with the wheels on the shoes, but that’s because his solos are SOOO good usually. The wheels were used too much and distracted from his expert solo dancing skills. Either way, I was really disappointed that he wasn’t in the bottom two tonight. I would have much rather watched him do a solo than either of the other 2 men.

Finally, it was about time their guest performer wasn’t some gay group that gets up and sings. So You Think You Can Dance should not allow any performer on stage if they can’t shake it, groove it, move it, or some other dancing motion. Finally, Chris Brown got up and showed some plentiful dancing skills.

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