Videos of Travis Wall and Heidi Groskreutz on So You Think You Can Dance(Including Travis Wall’s Solo)

I promised you more So You Think You Can Dance Videos and I always deliver on a promise. Here’s some of Travis Wall and Heidi Groskreutz. They include Heidi and Travis doing the amazing African Pop number, Heidi and Travis’s extraordinary Waltz(my personal favorite) and one I’m sure all the ladies out there are waiting for…Travis Wall’s solo.


Heidi and Travis African Pop – W’happy Zap Mama

Commentary: Wade Robson will be teaching this power blonde pair an Afro-pop routine. They have on weird body paint and trailing blue scarves, as though they’re in the Lion King. The judges all totally love it. From all the routines we’ve seen so far this season, it seems the judges really eat up any routine that is an ethnic departure from the norm.

Heidi and Travis African Pop – W’happy Zap Mama

A second one in case the first one gets removed.

Travis & Heidi Waltz

Commentary: This lovely couple will be doing the waltz. In my opinion a waltz is successful if you keep your audience awake for the entire routine. They manage to really pull it off. The judges all love it with stellar comments all around. They can’t say enough about Travis’s presence on the dance floor and they all agree that Heidi is easily the most improved dancer on the show.

I agree that Waltz is something that is best experienced. There is nothing more fun than dancing a waltz. Although watching Heidi waltz is close.

Travis’s Solo

Commentary: Travis is in his trademark polo shirt (collar up of course) and cargo shorts and does his trademark turns to a slow emotional ballad. He’s so good at this stuff that it’s almost boring. Almost.

Benji Schwimmer and Donyelle Jones lovers, your videos will be coming soon.

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