So You Think You Can Dance Finale (SYTYCD) – Travis and Benji Stole the Show – Tour Locations

In anticipation of the finale of the finale on Wednesday I decided to post a few comments about last weeks show.

1. The men’s performance was the best of the night. It was something unique and something we hadn’t seen before. All the other solos and group dances were like many of the other dances that we’d seen all season. Travis and Benji dancing together was the best dance of the night. It still doesn’t compare to krump, a few of the cuban dances and one or two of the waltzs that were not as fun to watch, but great to imagine what it would be like to dance. However, it was a great performance by Travis and Benji.

2. My wife asked during the show what the So You Think You Can Dance tour performances are going to be. Are they going to be group dances, solos, pairs or something else? My thought is that it will be a mix of all of them. Probably more likely will be some really cool medelies of all the dancers doing solos and pair dancing. I still can’t believe that the tour isn’t coming to Las Vegas. Texas and Canada are two other major oversights.

Also, I hope that the tour organizers are reading this. They need to sign up for a performance at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT. You may wonder why I say Provo. Listen to this:
1. BYU has the biggest dance program at a University. Besides winning many titles, they also have large masses of people taking dance classes just because they enjoy it. I’m pretty sure that no other university has close to the number of dancers.
2. BYU hosts the latin and ballroom dance finals all the time in the beautiful Marriot Center(the basketball arena). They fill most of the arena and have a huge crowd. It’s the only time I’ve seen the wave at a ballroom dance competition(not to mention the Dancesport World Dance Championships). It’s an amazing crowd to dance to.
3. Allison Holker and Jaymz Tuaileva are both from Orem, UT which is the same place as Provo, UT
4. Benji Schwimmer, Heidi Groskreutz, Allison Holker and Jaymz Tuaileva are all mormons and Provo, UT is 90% mormon with thousands of mormons in Salt Lake City that would love to travel and see them dance. Trust me, mormons love watching other mormons.

Now, you might be asking why I’m telling you this insider information. Well, in return I just ask that you fly my wife and I to Utah so that we can watch the show too. Sounds fair to me.

Looks like they added a second show in New York and Tampa. Now they just need to add Provo, UT.

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