Travis Wall and Allison Holker Quoted in an Article on July 13, 2005

The NY Times had an article that talks about the final gala of the New York City Dance Alliance’s national championship. In the article there are 2 quotes. One by Travis Wall:

“It’s so hard to speak with your body,” said Travis Wall, 17, Mr. Tidwell’s brother, who has won top honors at the alliance twice. “That’s what dancers do. We tell stories with our bodies, without using words. A simple look to the audience could communicate so much, just like a sentence.”

So does this mean that Travis sucks at communication, because I haven’t understand a word he’s looked.

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Here’s Allison’s quote:

Allison Holker, 17, from the Orem club, was a senior finalist. “We’ve dedicated our New York trip to Tori,” she said. “We pray for her before we go onstage.”

At 10:40, she took the stage for her solo, an artful, aching piece about lost love that she had choreographed with her sister, Jessica Holker, 23, an alliance alum who now dances for Disney in Tokyo. Allison left the stage sweaty and exhilarated, having improvised the ending.

“When you go on that stage, there are so many people watching you, you just want to give them everything you have,” she said. “You do what you feel.”

Allison should have won!!

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