Benji Schwimmer Interview by Other Bloggers(at least they look like blogs to me)

GiveMeMyRemote has a great interview of Benji Schwimmer the winner of the latest So You Think You Can Dance. Here’s a good portion of the article:

You mention family. You’ve been dancing with your Cousin Heidi for 17 years and were both in the show’s top four together–tell us what it was like to have that experience together.

B: I think that’s almost a bigger honor than being titled America’s favorite dancer–we were America’s favorite dance couple. We didn’t even try out together, which was odd, but for 17 years we worked on being in competitions together, and whatever the outcome of the finale, they just said she wasn’t the person. It was just really cool that we got there together and were in the finale together.

You stated at the beginning of the competition that you had not danced for two years prior to the show? How did you prepare for the auditions?

B: I came back after all that time off and I had such a desire to dance and so for months I kept on training and working and I ended up selling my car so I could afford to train like I had been. After that, I went down to L.A., took some classes and just kept going. Honestly, I was at a point where I wasn’t sleeping–I was so crazed. I became almost manic about the whole thing, but it really got me out of some tough times, too. Overall, it was just an amazing experience.

Going into the competition, did you think that your success in the Swing World would help or hinder your chances at making it to Vegas?

B: I think it helped. It was kind of a unique thing to have. I was happy to have represented the swing world in that aspect. Certain people had some negative criticism because of my success as a national champion, but for the most part they respected it.

Of all the choreographed routines performed by other contestants on the show, which one do you secretly wish you could have performed?

B: I wish I could’ve done the west coast swing. I did a jazz piece but I would’ve loved to do a west coast swing. In the future, I want to take ballet, Cuban classes–I want to do it all.

You were hospitalized in the week prior to the Final Four Competition but it was never addressed on the show. Were there moments when you feared this would affect your chances of moving on?

B: There was always an injury. It was almost every week where I collected a new one or even two. And it was almost like I was being prevented from doing more and more maneuvers. But I guess it’s part of the process and part of the show– is to use all that you possibly can and I know that whether I’d won it or not, I’d know I would’ve been able to finish the show and say, I’d done everything I possibly can to win this thing.

How do you foresee all of this success changing your personal life?

B: Personally, I’m going to have to be careful to who I befriend now, because there are certain people out there tend to take your money and privileges you have to their advantage. And I also get followed around and have paparazzi take pictures of me, and I don’t mind people asking for my autograph–I was in the same boat three months ago. But it’s going to be important to find time for friends and family and the people I love.

You’re a natural entertainer and you know how to play the audience; do you have aspirations of Broadway or possibly even film work?

B: Yeah, definitely. In fact–I just was cast to play the lead role as Fred Astaire in the upcoming film about his life. Nigel really helped me out with that, so it was just a real honor. I felt kind of like Charlie from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where you go through these great experiences and are rewarded something at the end like his everlasting gobstopper or the company or something.

What can you tell us about your role in Celine Dion’s Vegas Extravaganza “A New Day”?

B: Basically I’d be a dancer, I’d probably have a special number with Celine. and we’re possibly going to do a duet between Celine and I. I can’t wait–it’s going to so cool.

Wow!! He really is going to dance in the Celine show. I didn’t think Benji would be a good match for the show. I’d be surprised if he gets a duet with her. Could be interesting. We’ll have to keep our eyes out for that news. Benji and Celine in concert. Yeah right!!
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