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So You Think You Can Dance Results Show Recap

As always we’ll be keeping you informed on the latest So You Think You Can Dance results show recap.

Fade in. Pan up. Cat Deeley warns us that it’s Thursday and we, America, are sending someone home. I feel guilty enough starting this recap with “Fade in. Pan up,” and now you’re blaming me for sending someone home. Oof.

The remaining cast kicks off the night with a group number. Tonight is an elegant tribal theme, the cast donning feathers in their hair and what appear to be tattered cargo pants from the forgotten cargo-pant boom of 1998. White light floods the stage, dancers hold their final poses…and that smooth, smooth booming voice introduces Ms. Deeley.

Cat tells us that we sent in 5 million votes to make our voices heard during tonight’s results show. Cat then welcomes our happy hosts, Nigel, Mary and special guest judge, Debbie Allen. Citing a tight schedule for the night, Cat brings out the first of the lambs to the stage. Lauren and Neil stand beside Lacey and Kameron. After the recaps, Cat tells our little lambs that Lacey and Kameron our safe! Over to Mary, she’s shocked that Neil and Lauren are headed to the bottom three couples to dance their solos.

Jaimie and Hok flashback to last night and the judges gush over their performance. America, you shouted from the tallest cell towers in the land…Jaimie and Hok are safe. The braid lives on. Dominic and Sabra are called to the front of the class by Deeley. Cat tells Dominic and Sabra that…they are going to have to wait a little longer as she turns to Jesus and Sara. The judges loved their performance, but did the United States of America? Dancing for survival, Sara and Jesus! America, what are you thinking? I’m going to come and take your phones away if you keep this up. Cat demands a commercial break!

When Cat fires up the show again, we flashback to Jessi’s unfortunate trip to the hospital. This left Pasha without a partner until Tony Meredith’s assistant, Melanie, stepped into Jessi’s spot. Cat informs the crowds that Jessi is out of the hospital and cleared to dance. But due to rules of the sacred SYTYCD Handbook, Jessi will automatically be dancing for her life…which is weird to say since she just left a hospital. Anyway, Cat tells the crowd that as a special treat, Pasha and Jessi will get to do the dance they were supposed to. Jessi looks in full form and well rested while Pasha expectedly hits every step again. This couple it HOTTT, but we’ll have to see if Jessi can save herself later tonight.

Two couples left, Shauna and Cedric, Anya and Danny. Mary thinks Cedric should be out. TENSION! Anya and Danny look nervous, but they’re reminded that Debbie loved their moves and Nigel told them they performed on a much higher level. Which is the last couple in the final three tonight?

Anya and Danny, go get dressed for your solos.

Lauren hits the stage first and quickly skimps down her outfit. She pops, she splits, she smiles and all of that to “Popozao” by Kevin Federline. And thankfully, due to the skimping and splitting, my brain focuses all power to my eyes and shuts down my ears to avoid “Popozao” being lodged into my brain. Neil glides on stage to “Come On” by Ben Jelen and does what Neil does best. He flips and spins in the air. I’m getting dizzy watching this. Not sure if it’s Neil or the radiation from my 1986 TV/VCR combo TV sitting a few inches from my face.

Who’s next!? Sara blasts off to “Ladies First” by Queen Latifah! Sara starts with a kick-turn off the stage steps. She is my hip-hop princess. Sara cuts around the stage like a crazy, hot top spinning for the judge’s hearts. Jesus is the next into the judge’s pit-of-dance! His song choice, “What I Like About You” by The Romantics. Perhaps there’s a secret message in the title of that song for the judges. Jesus balances a combo of ballet moves and hip-hop attitude.

Cat tells us that the remaining dancers are after the break, as well as a performance by Fergie! Who knew? I wish there was a website I could go to in order to get all the SYTYCD news, recaps and bios about my favorite contestants. Maybe one day.

Jessi slows it down with a performance to “Ice Box” by Omarion. Jessi looks under control out there, especially after just returning from the hospital. The crowd loves it.
Danny jumps onto the stage with “A Song For You” by Elliot Yamin over the loud speakers. Danny is a master, coordinating his kicks and spins with the lyrics of the song.

Anya, the final solo, starts. “Fields of Gold” by Eva Cassidy fuels the romance of Anya’s moves. But I can’t take my eyes of a LOT of blue fringe. Neon blue fringe. So much. And well placed. Scamper along Anya, so the judges can go back stage and figure out who to cut.

Fergie’s up! Fergie does works the place and in some high, high heels. They’re like stilts. Designer stilts. What!? Ludacris just came out of the crowd! Was he always there, or is he a SYTYCD fan just like us!? I can’t look at the heels anymore, I don’t want to be witness to that degree of ankle injury.

It’s cuttin’ time! The dancers line up on stage, girls are getting the spotlight first. Nigel notes that they are not unanimous about their decision, but in the Court of Dance, majority rules. Nigel warns all the girls that they need to step up all of their performances, otherwise they could all be going home. After that, he doesn’t mess around and calls Jessi up. “I’m sorry, but we’re going to lose you tonight,” he tells her. Apparently, Nigel is using the tear-off-the-bandaid theory here. The guys stand nervously in a firing line, the judges decision was unanimous but they did not want to make it. Nigel tells Neil and Danny that they were outstanding in the solos. But Jesus however, did not perform as he should have.

Pack your bags, Jessi and Jesus. Maybe we’ll fly you back home in first class.

June 29, 2007 I Written By

Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

So You Think You Can Dance Show Recap and Music

What a great So You Think You Can Dance last night. Here’s a recap:

Cat struts out wearing what is either the world’s largest garbage bag or an antique blackout curtain from the London Blitz. Either way she looks super hot. Cat, please turn it down, I’m running out of superlatives.

Cat wastes no time announcing the special guest, award-winning dancer/choreographer Debbie Allen who’ll be in the rotating judge spot this week joining Nigel and Mary.

The judges work through some talking points then it’s down to the dancing.

First dance style tonight is a style new to the show this season, Krumping. Sara and Jesus will be beta-testing this product of South-Central LA as taught by Lil’C. They hit the stage with a bang, dressed in matching jeans, white shoes and red t-shirts. This style is totally new to both of them and it shows. From what little Krumping I’ve seen before, this falls short, but they do have some seriously great attitude and energy. The judges are totally wowed by their presence and energy. These kids are safe this week I say.
It’s Okay The Game - It's Okay (One Blood) - Single - It's Okay (One Blood)
One Blood

Now Mia Michaels will be teaching Cedric and Shauna one of the notoriously challenging contemporary routines. Mia wastes no time and starts speaking in metaphors about beginnings of ends and celebrating goodbye’s. They bound onto the stage in normal looking street clothes and start the acting. Big movements, lots of the throwing and flailing, emotional faces, tearful faces, then the goodbye. The crowd is freaking out and Mia, yes! Mia is crying! We have an official emotional response! Debbie Allen wastes no time showering their praises in a surprisingly eloquent manner. Mary comes in with an unpopular opinion saying it wasn’t good enough and Cedric needs to leave the competition. If she keeps talking, mob rule is going to take over. Nigel walks the line again saying he agrees with both sides, including an aside about the Paris Hilton jail sentence. Nigel says in no uncertain terms that Cedric is out of here.
I Thought We had The Family Stand - Super Sol Nova, Vol. 1 - I Thought We Had
The Family Stand

The Queen of the dangerous bangs and the king of the consistently awkward mohawk, aka Lacey and Kameron, are up next and they have the quick step! This is the mega kryptonite dance, known for ruining the chances of even the most versatile dancer. They even bring out the dance shoulder frame for Kameron, I could use one right now. They definitely look the part, straight from that ubiquitous era that swing is rumored to come from. These two look at home in a speakeasy, but they’re dancing like they haven’t touched a drop of moonshine. This may be the first time I’ve seen quickstep right. Oh! I just realized Kameron lost the mohawk, maybe that’s what did it for me. Well done Kam. The judges all love the routine. I think these kids will be safe yet again.
Big and Bad Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - This Beautiful Life - Big and Bad
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Anya and Danny are up next, but first we need to hear a little about their non-dance aspirations. Anya says she aspires to own an animal shelter, a dream she’s had since she was little. Danny has more Hollywood-centric dreams aside from dance, to work in production in whatever way possible. A wise PA with ancient cargo shorts once said “you gotta get on set”, word to the wise Danny. The two are paired with Dan Karaty for a Hip-hop routine. Right away the routine seems lackluster. The choreography is cool but they can’t get in sync. That aspect alone sinks the routine for me, I’m sure the judges will totally disagree. Andddd they do. They totally love it pretty much drooling all over Danny. This is not going to help that ego problem. I just don’t get what they saw that I didn’t.
Oh Timbaland Timbaland - Shock Value - Oh Timbaland

The pair of Sabra and Dominic are set to do a Rumba . Last week this pair became the golden ones with a super popular contemporary routine, we’ll see if they can hack it with the Frenchman Jean-Marc. At the very least they’re looking very sexy, but I have another issue with a Jean-Marc Genereux routine. What part the about the Pussycat Dolls makes you think of Rumba sir? This is a musical anachronism at the very least. And it’s too bad because the kids nail the dance with expert precision. Dominic has really taken on a new candor that has the crowd freaking out. Debbie delays her response to create some dramatic tension, then breaks down and yells to call the fire dept. because that was hot. Mary loves it and so does Nigel. These two are definitely the favorite couple.
Stickwitu The Pussycat Dolls - PCD - Stickwitu
The Pussycat Dolls

Time to hear from Lauren and Neil. They draw tango out of the hat and have the sassy Frenchman Jean-Marc Genereaux for choreography. Lauren is looking sexier than she ever has, and the dress sure helps. As Hot as Lauren looks the dance doesn’t sell the judges as much as Neil and Lauren seemed to think. Mary breaks down the specifics of where they went wrong. Nigel saves it at the end with some unique praise for Neil
Tanguera Tango Argentino - Tango Argentino - Tanguera
Sexteto Mayor

Next up is Hok and Jaimie, but before we see them dance we have to hear them talk about their other interests. Hok is evidently a visual artist capable of drawing giraffes and more abstract wildlife. Jaimie loves to write and is planning on writing a book about her later mother. OK, enough of that sappy dream crap, dance time. Wade Robson will be teaching the pair a Jazz dance in which Jaimie plays a flower and Hok a butterfly, I approve. Unique is definitely the key word here. Hok seems to enjoy doing insect-like twitches, kind of a nouveau-break style. Jaimie is flexing her powerful dance thighs and trying not spear Hok with her sci-fi hair spikes.
The Chairman’s Waltz John Williams - Memoirs of a Geisha - The Chairman's Waltz
Memoirs of a Geisha (sndtrk)

Pasha and Jessi are going to be rounding out the competition tonight. Last week these two were in the bottom three, this week they’re doing the Cha-cha. Tony Meredith and his slicked back hair will be teaching them some rather raunchy moves. He used the word “gyrate”, does that mean anything to you? So it’s going to be pretty sexy. But wait, something is amiss! Cut to Jessi in a the back of an ambulance! She’s having trouble breathing and had to stay in the hospital. I don’t know what to say. Just like that Jessi is out for this week. Pasha still gets a chance to show his skills, and his arms in a sleeveless shirt only a Russian dancer could wear with any seriousness. Pasha nails it, but It’s not the same without Jessi, seeing as his replacement partner is a good 15 years older than the svelte young Jessi. The judges all totally love it as well as every girl under 15 in North America.
Let’s Get Loud Jennifer Lopez - J. Lo - Let's Get Loud
Jennifer Lopez

That’s the show, albeit a weird one. See you tomorrow when we see who’s going home. Note: if Jessi does not recover to the point where she can perform a solo, she will be cut.

June 28, 2007 I Written By

Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?