So You Think You Can Dance Performance Show Recap

Here’s a recap from last night’s show.

SHOW 315/316

Good evening dance fans! It’s time for yet another awe-inspiring competition round. The usual diametric pair of Nigel and Mary is in the house, joined this week by the very mellow Wade Robson. Cat Deeley is looking delicious as always, this time wearing a lovely peach dress that is surprisingly short. Another kudos to the wardrobe department from me!

First up, it’s the shining example of dancer chemistry, Sabra and Dominic doing the Jive taught by Tony Meredith. This seems like the perfect amount of fun and technical difficulty for them to really set themselves apart early on. The routine starts off and I’m instantly transported back to the 80’s with Sabra looking like a miniature Tina Turner from the “what’s love got to do with it” era. Dom and Sabra are totally breaking out the energy here, complete with wild party smiles. If there are any technical missteps here I’m missing them in the midst of the jocularity. They end with Sabra doing full splits perched on Dominic’s shoulders. I fear Mary Murphy scream approaching. Of course I’m wrong, she loves it but with a few words of criticism. Wade Robson loves it and Nigel says they are the best two partners he’s seen work together.
I Do The Jerk
Ryan Shaw

The second couple is Jaimie and Hok, but first we have a little investigation of their fabricated crush. Hok likes Jaimie’s hair, Jaimie likes Hok’s ethnic ambiguity, pretty standard formula for attraction. They might get a chance to act out their emotions in a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine to “Mr. Bojangles.” Hok is dressed like a nameless street urchin from Oliver Twist while Jaimie is clothed in her standard light blue nighty/contemporary dress. The music is pretty slow but they manage to pull some energy out of it. Wade has some big compliments for Jaimie but says Hok didn’t pull off his character. Pretty much the same from Mary, but even more uneven in favor of Jaimie. Nigel says the same but manages to illicit a boo from the crowd.
Mr. Bojangles

The new couple, Sara and Pasha, is up next. A few words about Sara first. I can’t be the only one who thinks that she has gone from being a total one-of-the-guys tomboy to the foxiest girl on the show, and she keeps on looking better. This week they will be doing a Jazz routine taught by Mandy Moore. This is going to be my favorite routine, I can tell already. The pair struts out looking like Devo set to teach an aerobics class. They’re both giving off their sexiest looks in perfect sync to Freddie Mercury’s lyrics. The judges all love it, but Mary says they might not be safe this week. I disagree!
Body Language

It’s tear time for those stricken by excessive hormones when we see Neil and Lauren do a Mia Michaels Contemporary routine. Last week they had a real hit, we’ll see if they can duplicate that with something a bit more subtle. The choreography looks tough, to the point where Lauren is counting her post-rehearsal bruises. They’re wearing identical black and white outfits complete with sunglasses and hats, so similar I’m not sure who is who. Usually I’ll let out my sensitive side to indulge in some emotional Mia Michaels choreography, but this isn’t doing it. I think the disdain comes mostly from the horrible music and the bizarre asexual costumes. Since I wasn’t feeling it the judges will probably eat it up, annnnnddd they do. We’re forever at odds.
Let the Drummer Kick
Citizen Cope

Now it’s time for choreographer Jean-Marc Genereux to teach the long-time pair of Anya and Danny the Foxtrot. Anya is a little worried because she injured her foot last week and thinks this routine might do her in. They start off really strong like they just stepped out of a time machine. This is one of those dances the experts can comment on with specific critiques about leg angles and neck straightness yet still be enjoyed by the average Joe, or more likely average Jane. Wade gives Danny a big compliment saying this is the first time his emotional connection came across, whatever that means. Mary gives the trademark scream and Nigel says it was the best Foxtrot ever on the show. I think we have 2 guaranteed top 10 ten dancers, maybe top 5.
It Had to to be You
Brian Evans

It’s time for the final couple of the night, Kameron and Lacey. The two are super excited to being doing Hip-Hop and with none other than my boy Dan Karaty, what up! Lacey comes strutting out in full catholic school bad-girl regalia, complete with a little chewing gum to play with. Kameron is on the floor a few seconds later to sync up with some popping moves. The moves are nice but being ruined for me by Fergie’s blatant slaughter of the classic Smokey Robinson song “Get Ready.” Lacey is really turning up the sex quotient by constantly flashing her yellow undies. Wade yet again delivers some comments that are difficult to decipher leaving the audience unsure as to boo or cheer. Nigel and Mary say it was just okay, but Nigel reminds them they must be doing okay as they’ve never been in the bottom three.
Here I Come