So You Think You Can Dance Results Show Recap – Top 10

So, I’m a little slow in posting the So You Think You Can Dance recap. Oh well, I already posted about Hok getting the boot. However, here’s a full recap of the show:

SHOW 315/316

Boom dance cha cha cha! And here we go! The group opens up with a USO-style military number. Guys in naval uniforms, girls looking straight out of the WAC. The biggest problem with these dancers is that they’re overpaid, oversexed and over here. And that is a way back history reference for you.

Cat reminds us that whoever gets cut tonight will JUST miss the big tour at the end of the season. All that dancing, all that money…none of it coming to the cuts tonight. Pressure! Cat quickly trots out the first two couples and the results are not too far behind. Sabra and Dominic get the first review of their revue and the judges were in love last night.

Anya and Danny are second and the judges were just as in love. Meaning…one of these couples got worked over by the voters. And that couple is…Anya and Danny. When even the couple in the bottom three are great dancers, THAT is a tough competition. Mary Murphy is outraged that Anya and Danny are in the bottom three and vows that they won’t be cut tonight if she has anything to do with it. Which she does. Nice thing to ponder for the other couples in the bottom three tonight.

The next grouping comes out for their results, with Jaimie and Hok going first. The judges weren’t so crazy about the dancing last night, never a good sign. As for Sara and Pasha, the judges were quite impressed indeed. Assuming you ignore Mary Murphy’s comments. The envelope is torn and Jaimie and Hok are chucked into the bottom three.

The last four dancers take the stage, displaying a neat mix of nervousness and soft cotton clothing. The judges weren’t that enamored with Lacey and Kameron, so that means Lauren and Neil can breathe easy, right? Wrong! They’re in the bottom three and Lacey and Kameron are in the top 10.

Wade Robson, what do you think of this? Wade Robson doesn’t like it. He does like a tire tread pattern on his suit, though. The individual life saver dances start and then they end and then the judges walk away and then Enrique Iglesias performs and then…no and then! There’s a quality movie for you.

The judges return to the perches, bad news in mind. Nigel calls Jaimie forward and quickly grants her a reprieve. Nigel then mentions that their decision wasn’t unanimous on the gals and sends Anya back to Latvia on the next ship.

Moving on to the men, Nigel announces that they were unanimous on this gender. Hok is unique in both dance and hair, but it’s the end of the line for him tonight.

The top 10 is set! Next week…the top 8 will be set! My gosh!