Hok on So You Think You Can Dance Tour

I really lamented the fact that Hok got kicked off before making it to the final 10 dancers. Why? Because I think that Hok would be the best addition to the tour. Well, according to an article by TV Guide, Hok will be on the So You Think You Can Dance Tour.

What happens is that Hok and Anya are sent home. And it is doubly painful for them and their fans because — as we were reminded numerous times between Wednesday’s performance show and the imminent results — only the top 10 will be invited to perform in the 50-plus cities on the series’ national tour.

Or so the producers would have you think. After the show, a truer picture emerges. “The two who went out today will be the alternates on the tour,” says judge Mary Murphy. “We always have to have two or three alternates go along, so I don’t think the fans are going to be disappointed in that department. Hok will be out there by popular demand. And I think Anya will be there, too, if they’ll both sign up to do it. And I’m sure they will.”

While it is true that they will be on the tour, Hok certainly won’t get the spotlight that he deserves. Well, hopefully someone like Danny won’t sign up for the tour and Hok can hop in his place.