Kameron Bink and Jamie Goodwin Kicked Off So You Think You Can Dance

Well, I don’t think anyone was too surprised that these two got kicked off So You Think You Can Dance. Kameron and Jamie just didn’t match up well with the incredibly likable Lauren and Dominic. I must admit I’m really happy to see Jamie go. It’s nothing personal, but I just prefer Lauren’s dancing 100 times better than Jamie’s. Maybe that’s just personal preference, but Lauren is incredible and I can’t wait to see her next week. Jamie I wouldn’t have given a second thought to.

The results shows just aren’t quite as interesting as the performance shows. I guess this is represented by what I think was the most interesting part of the night. Cat Deeley. She was fantastic and you could tell really has a personal relationship with the dancers that are going home. The highlight of Cat was at the end of the show she had her arms around Kameron and Jamie and she was massaging Kameron’s shoulder. Oh to be Kameron in that moment. I’m not sure if it was Cat’s nerves, Cat hitting on Kameron or just coincidence. However, it was fun to watch even Cat get so involved in the show that she was feeling the pressure. So You Think You Can Dance is lucky to have Cat.

I thought Nigel’s comments at the beginning were ridiculous. I can’t believe people would construe a peace dance as anti-war. Peace does not equal anti-war. Sometimes war is important to maintain peace. Anyway, it’s just a sad state of society when people get all worked up over a little dance to encourage peace. Who in the world wouldn’t want peace?

Finally, I’m glad that Nigel said he was bored with the same routine. That means that they’ll never do it again. That can’t be anything but a plus. After watching the videos some again tonight I decided to not even waste my time posting them. Sorry Wade. You’re great, but once is enough for me.