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So You Think You Can Dance 3 Finale Show Recap

So You Think You Can Dance SHOW 323/324

16 million of you voted last night. And this is where it ends. Season three of So You Think You Can Dance will crown a new king or queen tonight!

Cat Deeley, front and center, giving us the run down about tonight’s show. There are going to be great routines, special guests and PLENTY of dancing. And holy cow, every guest judge is back tonight! Mia! Shane! Wade! Dan! Mary! And of course, the always regal, Nigel.

Before we get down to business, we’re greeted by the mother of all recaps. This recap makes last night’s recap look like a flash in time. From auditions and all the way through last night’s shows, it’s packed. Then Cat kicks off the Lion King routine, featuring all of the top 20 dancers from this season.
The Lioness Hunt
The Lion King (Original Broadway Cast)

When we come back, Mary makes a routine request. Lauren and Pasha start things off with their Shane Sparks hip-hop dance. These two haven’t lost a step and keep the crowd screaming. After the dance, Cat asks the crowd to give Lauren and Pasha the send off they deserved.

Brandon Norris, a clogger from the auditions, is welcomed back. Brandon didn’t make the cut, but Nigel was so astounded by his skill that they asked him back.
The Way I Are
Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson & D.O.E.

The audience welcomes back Jamie and Hok for Wade’s famous hummingbird routine. This one is Nigel’s favorite. The two move through the routine better than the first time, with elegance and truth to the story. Definitely one of the most beautiful dances of the season.
The Chairman’s Waltz
Memoirs of a Geisha (Soundtrack)

Jean Marc Généreux gets a pick. Sabra and Dominic are back together for their Shane Sparks hip-hop routine. These two fire up the stage, just like they did so many weeks ago. Hopefully America will get to see this one on the tour!
Make It Work

Even Adam Shankman gets a pick! Sweet! He chose Sara and Neil kick out on to the stage doing their amazing disco dance. Sara looks amazing and is keeping up with the dance. The girls in the crowd scream as Neil leads Sara around the stage.
Knock on Wood
Rachel Stevens

Cat introduces one more special dancer who auditioned, but didn’t make the trip to Los Angeles. The judges loved him, but he wasn’t able to move on because of his style. Tonight, Brian Gaynor shows his unique style of dance to the studio audience.
Ain’t No Other Man
Christina Aguilera

The top 8 take the stage for the futuristic, but in business clothes, Shane Sparks number. It’s almost as if they’re robots, forced to crank out the same work every week…but they’re hotter than robots. Hotbots…
Get Up

Wade wants to see Lacey and Danny team up again and these two finalists show us why they’ve made it to the final four. But when they wrap up their dance, Cat calls them over. It’s time to say good-bye to one of them.
Hip Hip Chin Chin
Club Des Belugas

Cat builds the suspense…Lacey is gone! Halfway through that leaves Danny, Sabra and Neil!

Sara and Pasha take off for the West Coast Swing, which is Shane’s favorite dance of the season. The moves! The funk! This is definitely my favorite of the season also. Guess I’ll have to try and mooch some tour tickets myself!
Rockafeller Skank
Fatboy Slim

Tyce Diorio picks Danny and Anya to come up next for their live replay of the foxtrot. This dance screams 1940’s Hollywood glitz. It makes me happy to live in this town…until I open my patio door to see construction workers, people driving like idiots and that healthy brown sky.
It Had To Be You
Brian Evans

Jesus and Sara are back for another Wade number! Jesus, I almost forgot about you! And Sara, seriously, maybe America was wrong about you if you were in all these performances. I’m considering taking away your phones, America. Watch yourself.
Cabaret Hoover
The Triplets of Belleville (Soundtrack)

Per Mia’s request, she wants to see Sabra and Neil’s table dance, choreographed by Mandy Moore. These two finalists take to the stage and move through the dance perfectly, staying true to their first time up.
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

Uh oh…Cat calls Danny back to the stage alongside Neil and Sabra. The next dancer going home…Neil! It’s down to Sabra and Danny. Well, I just lost twenty-bucks in the office pool.

Another big group number brings us back from the commercial. The crew is donned in dark clothes, looks like me on laundry day. They’re on the stage! They’re off the stage! This dance is crazy. I’m kinda freaked out.
The Moment I Said It
Imogen Heap

Mary takes over hosting and welcomes, for the first time, “and possibly the last,” Cat and Nigel for a dance number…sort of. They had us! It was all a set up for a fake Cat/Nigel number! Boooo! Maybe next year.

It’s Dan’s turn to pick a favorite piece. He chooses Neil and Lacey doing Mia’s flower piece. The emotion still rings loud as Lacey and Neil spin around flowers sprinkled on the stage.
Billy Porter

Cat cues up another commercial. The suspense is intense! Danny? Sabra? Danny…? SABRAAAAAAAAA!?

We’re back! This is it! Read the card Cat. Cat. Please. Cat…just read the card. CAT! DO IT! CAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! Cat starts the smack talk, reminding of them why they are where they are today. The final two. Who’s it going to be…?

Congratulations to SABRA! Sabra is the winner of So You Think You Can Dance Season Three!

Phew! Now go get yourself some so you think you can dance tour tickets!

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Recap of So You Think You Can Dance

Here’s the full recap from last night’s show.

SHOW 321/322

Don’t have time to gush over Cat tonight ladies and gents. We gotta get this party started!

Lacey and Pasha drop some hip-hop with some pop on us! Lacey is playing the roll of a mannequin, but a mannequin with a heart. The two explode to life and move through the routine. Judges critiques! Nigel says the kids did a great job playing their characters. Mary loves the pair and throws out the word, “flawless.” Debbie Allen loved the energy and the duo nailed it.
In The Morning
Junior Boys

Sabra is the first lamb to the solo slaughter, and she’s going down fighting. She tears about the stage with amazing grace and power in every move.
Rock Your Soul

Lauren and Danny shoot from the Mia Michaels contemporary dance canon and onto the floor. Their moves are huge and there’s power in every step. The two take the dance up and around the stage! Minor audience participation! Now hustle back for the judges! Nigel can’t get enough and tells Laura she’s finally reached her potential! Mary unleashes the Murphy scream! Debbie drops some illiteration, “Power and perfection personified!”
Then You Look At Me
Celine Dion

Pasha! You’re up! Pasha dances with a true mannequin and hits every move like Pasha does. Amazing!
Total Eclipse Of The Heart
Bonnie Tyler

Neil and Sabra fire everyone up with a jazz number. And there’s stunt furniture involved! Everything thing about these two is perfect. Nigel hopes that the finale of the show (August 16, 8/7c only on FOX!) will live up to the power of this performance! Debbie raves about their performance!
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

Lauren, sweetie, let’s do this. Lauren moves through her solo routine like a dove wearing a jetpack. And by that I mean, power, grace, beauty. This is only the halfway point of the show and all these dancers are going to be neck and neck!
Maria Mena

Lacey and Pasha slide from the shadows for their smooth waltz. The two spiral about the stage and Lacey is more elegant that she ever has been. The spotlight follows them around stage and the couple ends the dance with grace. Nigel says the waltz was beautiful and the judges agree.
A Daisy In December
Mick McAuley & Winifred Horan

Neil spins in for his solo. Neil does what he does best and pirouettes for the audience. The ladies love it. Neil tosses a couple flips just to bring the last three unsure female voters to the phones.
Out Of My Hands
Dave Matthews Band

Disco! Lauren and Danny bust out of the official So You Think You Can Dance time machine! The two lace the stage with moves from my parent’s closet, and the two pull off some amazing team moves. Nigel is amazed that the two were able to complete a difficult routine. Mary is happy to see them execute the style perfectly. Debbie rounds it all off with a job well done.
Don’t Leave Me This Way

Lacey shakes out on the stage and…wow…she is earning the votes from boys tonight! There’s tassels and fringe and a lot of Lacey. Is it hot in here? Yeowzah.
Le Disko
Shiny Toy Guns

Neil and Sabra stomp to the stage for a Paso Doble! This dance will certainly “Doble” your heart rate! This dance is “Doble” the intensity! The wardrobe fit Neil with some flattering leather pants, but that doesn’t matter. These two are amazing. They move as one, not as a “Doble!” Neil just wore Sabra as a belt! The judges squeal and Mary throws them on board the Hot Tamale Train!
Espana Cani
Juan & Gennaro

Danny skates in for the final solo. Danny’s moves and smile bring cheers from the crowd and he moves like a cheetah on the prowl. Will Danny make it to the final four…mmmmm? I don’t know either!
The Fear You Won’t Fall
Joshua Radin

Go vote! Cat! Call me, I’ll make it up to you over dinner!

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Wade Robson Commercial

Who would have thought that Wade Robson can also dance? Ok, maybe Mia Michaels just ruined the idea of a choreographer dancing. This is a pretty cool commercial by Wade Robson. I guess Wade was famous before So You Think You Can Dance. Wade definitely deserves all he gets. He’s a genius.

Buy Tickets to see Wade Robson’s Choreography in the So You Think You Can Dance Tour

Buy Tickets to see Wade Robson’s Choreography in the So You Think You Can Dance Tour

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Montage of Danny Tidwell Videos

Not much else to say about Danny Tidwell. I’m sure all the Danny Tidwell Fanbois will enjoy this one. Not that there’s anything wrong with Danny. I just…nevermind I’ll just stop talking about Danny and let the rest of you enjoy this.
Buy Tickets to see Danny in the So You Think You Can Dance Tour

Buy Tickets to see Danny in the So You Think You Can Dance Tour

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SYTYCD Season 2 – Behind the Scenes

Another video from SYTYCD season 2. You must be a fanatic if you’re going to watch this video.

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Adios to Dominic and Sara – B-boys and B-girls Found Crying

The b-boys and b-girls of America were found crying after last nights So You Think You Can Dance results show. Yes, Dominic and Sara got sent home after performing the 2 best solos of the night. Well, that’s how this show works. Here’s the full recap of the night:

SHOW 319/320

Only a six-pack of dancers will remain after tonight. Right now, we got an eighter. Eighters are okay. A little harder to carry. Sixers are the standard for a reason. Cat joyfully sets the tone for tonight’s show and I joyfully look at her. For the opening group number, the dancers pretend to be toys. Toys in the matrix. Zombie toys in the matrix. And really, isn’t that exactly what they are?

Dressed like she’s attending a benefit fundraiser for a local children’s hospital, Cat informs us that we voted 8 million times last night. Well, not we. You. Then she introduces tonight’s jidgis (that’s how she said it), Nigel, Mary and Adam Shankman. Cat asks Nigel what makes it so hard to be a dancer and Nigel goes on a five-minute ramble about how terrible a dancer’s career is. To sum up, you’re a dancer for about ten minutes, auditions suck and you constantly have to think about what you’ll do for work besides dancing. Oh, and your career is over in ten minutes. Did we mention that? Speaking for the defense, Adam says dancing is fun. So that’s why we do it!

Cat promises us results on the other side of the break and technically she’s right. But the not right now. First, each dancer will perform a solo that is meaningless except for entertainment value. Those votes are set in stone! Sara cuts up to some Big Daddy Kane, who stopped making records shortly after she was born. Hey, FYI, chicks are into Neil. And Dominic got himself stuck in a lawn chair. On purpose. I mean, if somebody did this at a barbecue, you’d think, “Oh my God! That guy is so drunk we need to get him to the hospital to have his stomach pumped!” But Dominic did it on purpose.

After that little diversion, it’s finally time for some results. Eventually. Okay, here they are. The girls are trotted out so we can identify the bottom two. You know what? They’re all in the bottom two to me. Wait…that’s not a compliment. Let’s start with Sara and Lacey. One is safe and one is in the bottom two. And that one is…Sara. The bottom two one, that is.

Now for Lauren and Sabra. One of you is safe and one is in the bottom two. Just like the last pairing. Lauren, you join Sara. Sabra, you join Lacey. L&S, S&L.

After that, it’s the fellers. And this is getting scarier than knowing that Jason Bourne is loose in New York City. Man, the chicks love Neil. How could he lose at this point? I guess he could break his tibia in a dirt bike accident. You know, we could go through all of the rigamarole about one is safe, one isn’t…here is what the judges said last night…but I’m succinct! Starting now! Neil and Dominic are the bottom two guys. The only explanation is that Neil makes chicks pass out and they are then unable to vote.

So one guy and one girl are pegged to go home. And they are…on hold until after this One Republic performance. Okay, it’s over. Just like Sara’s and Dominic’s stints on the show.

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All the Music from Last Night’s So You Think You Can Dance

Here’s a list of all the music from last night’s So You Think You Can Dance

Sara & Danny

* Argentine Tango – “Whatever Lola Wants” Gotan Project Remix by Sarah Vaughan & Gotan Project
* Hip Hop (Choreographed by Shane Sparks) – “Push It” by Salt-n-Pepa

Lauren & Dominic

* Krump – “I Get Money” by 50 Cent
* Rumba – “Ain’t no Sunshine” by Bill Withers

Lacey & Neil

* Latin Jazz – “Acid” by Ray Barretto
* Contemporary – Choreographed by Mia Michaels – “Time” by Billy Porter

Sabra & Pasha

* Broadway – “A Wild Wild Party” by the Off Broadway Cast of The Wild Party
* Quickstep – “Mr. Pinstripe Suit” – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Maybe later I’ll create links to iTunes for all those that want to buy it. Thanks to Joey for the list.

Apple iTunes

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Lacey and Bare Chested Neil’s Latin Jazz and Mia’s Contemporary

2 of the more memorable dances of the night on So You Think You Can Dance were by Lacey Schwimmer and Neil Haskell. The latin jazz wouldn’t have been as memorable if Neil wasn’t without his shirt. However, Neil did bare his chest for the Latin Jazz routine. I’m sure the ladies love Neil for it. There is a lot of talk around the blogosphere that people didn’t like Mia’s choreography for Lacey and Neil’s dance. I agree completely. It wasn’t anything special. Without the story it would have barely been worth watching. Of course the judges love Mia and so they raved about it. I can appreciate the personal nature of it, but the dance itself was little dancing so it’s not making my top 10 dances on So You Think You Can Dance.

Videos of Lacey Schwimmer and Neil Haskell doing latin Jazz – Yes, Neil does have his shirt off

Another video of Lacey Schwimmer and Neil Haskell doing latin Jazz

Lacey and Neil’s Contemporary Routine – Mia Michael’s choreography for her dad

Another Lacey and Neil’s Contemporary Routine – Mia Michael’s choreography for her dad

Another Lacey and Neil’s Contemporary Routine – Mia Michael’s choreography for her dad

Set aside the personal notes and the shirt off and Neil and Lacey had a lackluster night. Luckily the choreography and wardrobe departments came through for them last night.

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Danny and Sara Hip Hop and Argentine Tango – Top 8 So You Think You Can Dance

Buy Tickets to see Danny and Sara in the So You Think You Can Dance Tour

Danny and Sara’s Hip Hop Rehearsal with Shane Sparks

I don’t personally believe that Shane Sparks has really changed his mind. He may think he’s one of the best contemporary, but Shane in the video didn’t want to work with Danny. That’s all there is to it. Don’t tell us these lies Shane. Don’t yield to the producers.

Buy Tickets to see Danny and Sara in the So You Think You Can Dance Tour

Sara and Danny’s Hip Hop Video choreographed by Shane Sparks

Danny should never do Hip Hop again. Sara should never wear spandex again. Has anyone in the Hip Hop world ever worn spandex? I also realized that Sara is so much better if they don’t do a close up on her face. Sara is a beautiful dancer, but doesn’t have the best face. Sorry Sara if you’re reading this. It’s just the facts.

Buy Tickets to see Danny and Sara in the So You Think You Can Dance Tour

Sara and Danny Argentine Tango Rehearsal video

I love the clipboard.

Buy Tickets to see Danny and Sara in the So You Think You Can Dance Tour

Danny and Sara Argentine Tango video

This is more like wardrobe should do with Sara. Last week they did amazing with Sara in her disco routine. This was also very hot.

Buy Tickets to see Danny and Sara in the So You Think You Can Dance Tour

Another video of Sara and Danny’s Argentine Tango

Should Danny really be holding a fan at the end? No argentine I know would hold a fan.

Buy Tickets to see Danny and Sara in the So You Think You Can Dance Tour

The full video of Danny Tidwell and Sara Von Gillern doing the Argentine Tango on So You Think You Can Dance

Buy Tickets to see Danny and Sara in the So You Think You Can Dance Tour

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Lauren and Dominic Krump and Rhumba – Top 8 So You Think You Can Dance

Lauren and Dominic’s Krump Rehearsal video

Lauren and Dominic’s Krump video

I love Krump! I love Lauren. I’m afraid Lauren’s in trouble tonight though.

Dominic and Lauren’s Rhumba Rehearsal video

Dominic and Lauren’s Rhumba video

Can you imagine Lauren doing Rhumba with a little more training? That sure looked like Dominic wanted some kisses from Lauren. Did Dominic kiss Lauren? Camera angles don’t tell us. I say yes.

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