So You Think You Can Dance Performance Show Recap – Final 8

SHOW 319/320

Grab some snacks, kids. There’s more So You Think You Can Dance than you might know what to do with tonight.

Cat saunters on stage. It’s like watching an angel gliding about on rollerskates made from clouds. Cat tosses to the judges and introduces Adam Shankman for his second go-round as a judge. Cat reminds us that the dance duos were picked at random and each couple will be doing two dances tonight.

Danny and Sara are our first sluggers, performing an Argentine Tango. This sounds more like a tricky air-show maneuver than a dance. They two step around the stage, a fury of leg and sexy, sexy moves. Danny and Sara hit the jackpot move, a real pretzel twister. Judges! Thoughts? Judges love it!
Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project Remix)
Sarah Vaughan & Gotan Project

Lauren and Dominic start their night with a Krump routine. Personally, I think Lauren is 100% in this one. Dominic however, doesn’t seem to have the punch. The two pull of some big power moves and sway around stage. The judges enjoyed the routine about as much as they enjoy lukewarm clam chowder.
I Get Money
50 Cent

Lacey and Neil! To the stage please! The two kick off a Latin Jazz number…and Neil seems to have lost his shirt. These two set the stage on fire and are have amazing chemistry. What they don’t have…is a shirt for Neil. There’s jumping, there’s writhing, this is a hot number. Let’s see what the judge-o-ramas think! Adam loves it, Mary says these kids need a chemistry class and Nigel just isn’t pleased either. So…I was completely wrong.
Ray Barretto

Pasha and Sabra draw back the imaginary curtain to play out a Broadway bit. Woah. Big music! Big moves! There’s stomping…arms flailing! I can’t type this fast! These two bring an incredible level of energy to this piece. If the judges don’t like this, I’ll eat my hat!
Dance-master Shankman raves about their moves. Mary loved every little piece and hands it off to Nigel. Nigel says these two are going to stick around.
A Wild Wild Party
The Wild Party (off-Broadway cast)

Sara and Danny, part deux! This time they’re flashing their hip-hop know-how. They hit the stage looking like they just got hit by a fashion tornado from the 1980’s. I’m having some serious flashbacks watching this. Sara and Danny ooze attitude and play the crowd with some absurd moves. Sara is the hip-hop pro, but let’s see what the judgeros thought of Danny. Adam stops laughing at their outfits long enough to give plenty of praise. Mary feels like the performance was flat this time out. And Nigel warns the kids that this is the home stretch and they need to bring their best every time.
Push It
Salt -N- Pepa

Dominic and Lauren are back to give us a sample of Rumba pie. No ice cream though, I’m watching my figure. Wow, from the start, these two just click. Every step has a punch, every moment has passion, and the entire piece is perfection. Woah, WOAH. Dominic and Lauren land a kiss to finish off the piece! Adam approves, Mary thinks it was a little stiff and finally Nigel says they were strong, but offers a challenge to their choreographers to kick up the skill level.
Ain’t No Sunshine
Bill Withers

Here come Lacey and Neil to carry out another amazing Mia Michaels piece. The back story from Mia is that the piece represents Mia dancing with her father, whom she lost to cancer, one last time. Lacey and Neil play the roles perfectly and tell Mia’s story with compassion and elegance. When the lights come on, Mia is moved by the performance and Adam is blown away by how great the duo was. Nigel steps in for Mary, who wipes away the tears. Nigel says the two that danced with emotion and did a fantastic job.
Billy Porter

Pasha and Sabra finish off the night with a crazy Quickstep routine. There’s just a mess of feet and pinstripes cutting up the stage floor. It’s beautifully hypnotic. The judges are in awe by the fact that these two dancers pulled off such a magnificent and difficult dance. Now they’re putting their lives in America’s hands.
Mr. Pinstripe Suit
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Phew, that was an intense evening! I’m going to go take a shower and sleep until tomorrow night!