So You Think You Can Dance Episodes Streamed Online

UPDATE: Looks like the original reports were wrong and it isn’t going to be streamed on Fox on Demand or Hulu. At least not yet anyway. It’s unfortunate. You can’t even buy it on iTunes or Amazon Unbox. It’s just ridiculous that they wouldn’t provide an online way of streaming So You Think You Can Dance. In the meantime you can stream all the videos from the SYTYCD finale. or click one of the ads on this page and they might have it.

I just found out that the So You Think You Can Dance episodes will now be available online using Fox’s on demand video. This is great news that fox is going to stream So You Think You Can Dance online. This will make watching the show much easier when random events happen that don’t allow me to watch it that night. I just REALLY hope that it’s not only available to stream on Fox on Demand, but that it is also made available on Hulu. That way I can share all the episodes of the show right on this blog.