Mia Michaels Top 14 Contemporary Routines – Katee and Joshua – Twitch and Kherington

As promised here’s the 2 videos of the Mia Michaels routines from the top 14 of So You Think You Can Dance.

Katee and Joshua danced the heck out of this one. I really like the way they performed it. I wasn’t so into the routine myself, but sometimes Mia is hard to understand. However, Katee and Joshua definitely gave their whole selfs to the routine.

Enjoy the video of Katee and Joshua’s top 24 contemporary routine:

I think Twitch and Kherington’s bed routine will be the most memorable dance of the season even if I prefer the Viennese Waltz they did earlier in the season. Either way, the bed idea of Mia Michaels is an incredible concept that Twitch and Kherington really performed amazingly. The expressions on Twitch and Kherington’s face were priceless and expressed such emotion.

Enjoy the video of Twitch and Kherington’s top 14 contemporary bed routine

I’m pretty sure that Mia Michaels will have a choreographer job on SYTYCD for a long time to come.