My Evaluation of the SYTYCD Top 6

I think this has to be the closest top 6 that has ever happened on SYTYCD. The biggest problem for me is that I don’t have a clear favorite like I did in season 2 and I totally loved Heidi even if I knew she wouldn’t win. It was still exciting because I was cheering for someone. Even last year was interesting for me, because I really didn’t like Danny Tidwell and so I was rooting for whoever would take him down. Thank you Sabra for doing that for me. This year is much harder since I love them all.

All of that said, here’s my take on the SYTYCD Top 6. Please leave your thoughts on them in the comments.

Chelsie Hightower – She reminds me a lot of Heidi, but I must admit that personally she kind of freaks me out that almost every male dancer has said that she acts more like a boy. I like my girls to act like girls. Of course, you never notice it on the dance floor, but I would have been happier if they left that out. She also isn’t nearly as humble as Heidi was at learning new dances and listening to the judges. I think she has a pretty reasonable chance of winning. Not to mention Chelise Hightower, the mormon, should do really well with the mormon vote. Seemed to work for Benji Schwimmer. However, I personally don’t think it will be enough for Chelsie to win SYTYCD.

Courtney Galiano – Courtney has to be the nicest most innocent looking girl that has ever appeared on SYTYCD. I really hate when she’s getting camera close up and does her pouty face. Goes a little bit too far for me. I like the sincerity that she is really afraid of getting sent home, but it just seems way to overblown for me. Her solos haven’t really been anything special to me, but her couples dances have almost all blown me away. Courtney has one of the best looks they’ve had on SYTYCD

Joshua Allen – For some reason Joshua Allen shot straight to the top of my list of favorite dancers near the beginning of this season. I have a feeling it’s his sincere love for dancing and humility in trying to learn new dances. Whatever it is, I think America has seen the same thing. I just hope that Mary and Nigel’s kiss of death tonight won’t cause a surprise and make it so Joshua supporters stop voting for him. Doesn’t he also have a little bit of Donyelle in him? Has any other guy been as big as him?

Katee Shean – The judges have honestly described Katee almost dead on. She really does have a unique quality that is beautiful to watch no matter what dance she’s doing. Amazing to see how far she’s come. It would have been fun to see if her friend could have done the same, but maybe we’ll find out next year. Katee’s had some really tough routines that she’s killed. My only question is whether she’s popular enough with America. I just hope she makes the top 4 so we get to see her dance some more.

Mark Kanemura – I don’t mind throwing Mark a bit of Hawaiian pride since I lived there for a couple years. He’s absolutely unique in his style. The problem I have with Mark is that I can’t remember one thing he’s done that has blown me away. I can’t remember anything bad either, but if he wants to win it all he’s got to WOW us. I can’t remember him ever Wowing me.

Twitch – Good old Twitch. Happy to see him making it this far after all the past failed attempts. America loves and underdog story for the most part, but I honestly don’t see Twitch as a pure underdog. He appeared in Hairspray and choreographed in Asia for a while. All of this said, he’s still fantastic to watch dance his solo. Either him or Joshua are my favorite solos of this bunch. Too bad I don’t think Twitch is going to be able to garner enough votes to win it all. Have no fear, I’m sure he’ll be brought back next year to do some choreography.

What does this all mean? My prediction is a no brainer for the guys. Mark Kanemura is getting sent home. The girls is much harder. I really can’t choose. So, I’ll just go out on a limb and say that Chelsie Hightower is going home (I won’t be surprised if I’m wrong). I mostly guess that, because I’d LOVE to see Katee and Courtney do a dance together in the SYTYCD finale. That makes my predicted top 4:
Courtney Gailano
Katee Shean
Joshua Allen

Am I right or wrong?