So You Think You Can Dance Finale Predictions

Back to our regularly scheduled So You Think You Can Dance programming. It’s time for me to make my predictions for the finale of So You Think You Can Dance 2008. I think that you should really trust my SYTYCD predictions, because I was correct in my top 10 predictions and my top 4.

Of course, they always say to quit when you’re ahead, but I’m living in Las Vegas and so I’ll take the gamble. I will have full disclosure and tell you that my SYTYCD Finale poll did help in my predictions a little.

Here’s my predictions as might be said by Cat Deeley.

Cat Deeley, “The first person leaving us this evening and not continuing on in the competition is…
“The next person leaving the competition tonight. Oh man, I hate this, ” Cat Deeley
Courtney Gailano

Cat Deeley, “Out of the thousands who have auditioned and millions of votes counted. We’re down to our final 2. One of you will be America’s Favorite Dancer. Joshua Allen, it’s not you.”
Katee Shean you’re the next champion of So You Think You Can Dance. Katee, you are America’s Favorite dancer.

I think we all know it’s a 2 horse race between Katee and Joshua. I would love for Joshua to win, but I just think that Katee has too much sweetness that will carry her to the win. Either way it will be a well deserved win.

No matter who wins, one thing is for sure: The finale will include some absolutely amazing dancing. I’m really looking forward to it.