The Influence of Elisa Toffoli’s Music from So You Think You Can Dance

I promise that this blog won’t become the Elisa Toffoli blog. In fact, I’m considering starting a blog just for Elisa. However, I think it’s really fun to highlight the influence that music from So You Think You Can Dance has had on people’s lives. People don’t just enjoy the music, but absolutely fall passionately in love with the variety of music on So You Think You Can Dance. Elisa Toffoli’s music is a perfect example.

Below is the story of John Bialoglow and how Elisa Toffoli’s music seems to have changed his life.

MY ELISA STORY Part 1 by John Bialoglow

I happened to find this website accidentally and am happy to have a chance to talk about one of my favorite subjects, the amazing Elisa Toffoli.

Like others here in the U.S. my first exposure to Elisa’s music was the very first dance routine of the “final 20” of season 3, the contemporary dance routine choreographed by Mia Michaels’ and performed by Lacey Schwimmer and some guy (sorry, guy). It was awesome. Everything about it–the choreography and the performance made even more special by this amazing song sung with this compellingly beautiful and delicate voice. I have to be honest, when the competition started I was not a Lacey fan. Even though I loved Benji I thought they were hyping her and she was riding her brother’s coattails (sorry). So even though I was compelled to find out who did that amazing song (thank-you Youtube), after I heard it again my anti-Lacey biased spilled over and I said to myself, “You know, I think this Elisa is not as good as she is in this song. I think she just got lucky. I think this amazing song fell into her lap and she just happen to get lucky and nail it in the studio.” Read more..