SYTYCD: Sneak peak at some new dances for Season 5

Nigel Lythgoe, judge and executive-producer of So You Think You Can Dance, is currently in South Africa helping to launch a South African version of the show.

Nigel has been checking out some of the local dance styles and publicly stated that he wants to bring the Pantsula and Gumboot dancing to America.

SYTYCD Season 4 gave us Bollywood, will Season 5 bring us Pantsula and Gumboot dancing?

Heres a sneak peak:

Pantsula dance show at the National Arts Festival 2008

This is called Pantsula Jive from the townships in south-africa.

A short documentary about The South African dance, Gumboots

Gumboot dancing

Tap dance in South African gumboot dance-style.