Picture of Benji Schwimmer at Dancing with the Stars Finale

Last week my wife and I were lucky enough to be able to attend the Dancing with the Stars finale live. You can read more about it over on Pure Dancing with the Stars. After the show, I must admit that the person I wanted to meet most wasn’t really a part of Dancing with the Stars. It was someone in the audience supporting his sister Lacey Schwimmer. So, I made a fool of myself and headed over and introduced myself to Benji Schwimmer. Here’s a picture with Benji right after the finale.

Benji Scwhimmer at Dancing with the Stars Finale

Benji Scwhimmer at Dancing with the Stars Finale

Benji was very kind to us. We chatted with him for a few minutes asking him about what was new with him. He told us about a couple movies that he’d been working on. At least one of the movies Benji helped produce. Of course they are both dancing movies, but I believe he said that they had some comedy also. Should be fun to see when those come out.

Benji also told us that he canceled that week’s choreography with So You Think You Can Dance Canada in order to be there to see his sister perform on the finale of Dancing with the Stars. What a great big brother. I also think that Canada might be seeing a whole lot more of Benji on the show in the future. Canada will be happy about that.

Yes, I was a bit flustered in his presence and forgot to ask him the most relevant question of all: “Would Benji be joining Dancing with the Stars and start competing against his sister?” The rumors have him possibly coming back so ABC has the sibling storyline which may be gone if Julianne ends up leaving. However, I have a feeling that Benji is plenty busy right now and so we probably won’t be seeing him on Dancing with the Stars anytime soon.

Benji did however say that him and the girl he was with were competing at Disneyland the next day in the Swing Dance Championships (if my memory serves me correct). Kind of cool to see him still competing in that competition.

In case Benji finds this post, thanks Benji for being so gracious. It was a real pleasure meeting you.