A Message For Nigel Lythgoe and So You Think You Can Dance

I recently received the following message that was addressed. Since, I’m not Nigel and I don’t have any relationship with the show (this is just a SYTYCD fan site) I decided that I’d post the message here so that hopefully Nigel will stop on by and read this message.

Dear Nigel,
I’m writing b/c I auditioned for SYTYCD in NY, and I was terribly offended by the judges. I made it through the 2-3 preliminary auditions with flying colors b/c I came with something different than what they had seen all day.

I was dressed in African garb and West African dance is my forte. The audition I did for you showed my versatility choreographed with African, hip-hop and contemporary movement. You & the other judges commented on my face, not smiling enough like South African dance, (which is different from West African being the dances that made it through the Middle Passage and among the African Diaspora, including So. America), then you commented on my beautiful long arms, and the hip-hop couple judges admitted they contradicted themselves when they said they wanted something original & versatile but then commented on my outfit and said because of it I should;ve stuck with just African.

The worse part was that by the time you guys see it, the only people who get denied are the people who really can’t dance; anyone showing even a little potential get at least sent to choreography. You just sent me away like I couldn’t dance at all, and I am a trained dancer; I should’ve at least had the opportunity to show I knew other styles as well, like my audition demonstrated.

The truth is SYTYCD is not ready for African dance, none of the judges that day could critique it, the show does not have African choreographers so my forte would get danced by everyone, in spite of the fact that hip-hop, krump, and many of the Latin dancers come from African dance, and sometimes African movement is choroegraphed in the dances done.

I wouldn’t have felt so bad if you just admitted that, instead of making it seem like I couldn’t dance at all. I know my audition will not be shown on the show because SYTYCD is not ready to introduce African dance, and you should’ve just said that.

Maybe one day you’ll get African choreographers and make it a part of the show, (like you did Bolliwood) and when you do, remember me, [REMOVED],( like [REMOVED], my favorite choreographer), I’ll be back, and I’m sure a lot of other fabulous dancers who can take dance from its roots to all the others dances originated from it.

Looove the show & I’ll keep watching!

[Name Removed] Bronx, N.Y.

Let me know what you think about this So You Think You Can Dance audition experience in the comments.