Gabi Rojas SYTYCD Season 5 Audition

Gabi Rojas really does have some interesting lines and interesting moves. I really liked this dance since she offered something that we hadn’t seen before. Too much of the contemporary dancing is the same moves over and over. She took the moves and made them her own. It was beautiful. Plus, her background story of the circus is great too. I’ll be interested to see her do other styles. I think she might have some troubles with some of the other styles of dance on SYTYCD. If Gabi Rojas can get the other styles, she has a great chance at the SYTYCD 2009 top 20. If she can’t, then she’s still been great to watch.

Check out this video of Gabi Rojas dancing to “Moonray” Zap Mama - Supermoon - Moonray by Zap Mama