Erik “Silky” Moore Talent Show Perfomance Before SYTYCD

I couldn’t believe this video when I saw it. I thought for a second that this was Brandon Bryant and not Erik “Silky” Moore the tapper. I wondered if I was confusing videos. Well, I was wrong. Watching this video along with his audition, there’s no doubt that Erik “Silky” Moore has more than enough dancing talent to do all sorts of styles. Check out the video of Erik “Silky” Moore winning a talent show to the ending monologue from American Beauty.

Here’s another highlight video of Erik “Silky” Moore. This really does an amazing job of showing the incredible talent that he has in all sorts of styles. He has strength, technique, tricks, and style. Incredible stuff. As a side note, this video comes from what looks like Erik Moore’s (Silky) youtube channel.

I figured I might as well post the Erik “Silky” Moore audition on So You Think You Can Dance 2009 for comparison as well.

Lots more videos of Erik “Silky” Moore, but that’s enough for tonight. More later when he makes the So You Think You Can Dance top 20.