Favorite So You Think You Can Dance Audition Music

As always I like to share with my readers the most popular music used on So You Think You Can Dance. In this case, we’ve only had audition music and so this is basically a list of the most popular So You Think You Can Dance audition music. In case you missed any of these great songs, you can download them now by clicking on the iTunes images. A pretty amazing list of music if I do say so myself:

“Tore My Heart” by Dave Tweedie and Oona Download MP3 for Free

Breathe Me by Sia? Sia - Colour the Small One - Breathe Me

Winter Song by Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson? Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson - The Hotel Café Presents Winter Songs - Winter Song

Habanera by Kate Nash? Kate Nash - Foundations - EP - Habanera

Moonburn by Craig Lyons? Craig Lyons - On Reflection - Moonburn

Pollen and Salt by Daphne Loves Derby? Daphne Loves Derby - On the Strength of All Convinced - Pollen and Salt

Nobody by Ne-Yo? Ne-Yo - Year of the Gentleman (Bonus Track Version) - Nobody

Toxic by Yael Naïm? Yael Naïm - Yael Naïm - Toxic

Walking On by Army of Me? Army of Me - Citizen - Walking On

Jungle Drum by Emilíana Torrini? Emilíana Torrini - Me and Armini - Jungle Drum

Two honorable mentions but didn’t make the list since their music wasn’t on iTunes (UPDATE: Ash Koley was just added to iTunes):
“Don’t Let Your Feet Touch The Ground” Ash Koley - Don't Let Your Feet Touch Ground - Single - Don't Let Your Feet Touch Ground by Ash Koley

“Hurt So Bad” by Kina (listen to it on imeem)

**This list was created based on the number of people who clicked on the songs since the start of So You Think You Can Dance season 5.