Pono Aweau Representing Hawaii on So You Think You Can Dance

I found this quick news article about Pono Aweau representing Hawaii in the top 20 of So You Think You Can Dance. I guess that means this is a SYTYCD spoiler huh? Oh well, it’s fun to get to know a little more about Pono Aweau

Aweau will fly to Las Vegas on Tuesday to make the next cut, and be one of the 20 finalists.

“It’s not even an option to not get this to not win it I’m going in for the kill it’s a battle it’s a war and I’m gonna come out the victor,” he said.

Donning less hair but full of determination, the 23-year-old dancer from Kailua already has plenty of local support.

He’s a member of the group 24-7 Dance Force, which gave him a send off on Sunday.

Judges were impressed enough to compare Aweau to Mark Kanemura, who was also from 24-7 Dance Force, and made it to the top six in last year’s show. He’s also been an inspiration for Aweau.

“Seeing him up close and seeing him do it you just don’t think that you can and then because we are so close he’s a really good friend of mine it made me think oh if he can do it oh I really could.”

Aweau says the dancing bug bit him when he was a fifth grader at Kamehameha Schools.

It’s always fun for me when people come from Hawaii since I lived there for a couple years. Just reading the news kind of takes me back. Ok, no one cares about me. Let’s get to the show tonight already!!