The SYTYCD Rant: Let’s Hear About Your Favorite Dancers Getting Sent Home

Since we’re in the Las Vegas round, it’s the perfect time to have what I’m calling the SYTYCD rant. This is where I’m going to rant about my favorite dancers getting sent home. Only problem is that I’m on the west coast and so I still have an hour until the show airs. Once the show airs I’ll be updating this post with my feelings on who I thought shouldn’t have been sent home. Until I get to enjoy So You Think You Can Dance, I welcome you to post your SYTYCD rant in the comments. Come on! Let it all out. It will make you feel better to see other people who feel the same way you do.

My SYTYCD rants…

Natalie Reid – I’m sure that no one will be surprised with this rant. What a way to cut tonight’s episode. First, you show Natalie Reid and Brandon Bryant rocking out and demonstrating Sonya’s choreography for the others and then next thing you know she’s being kicked off of So You Think You Can Dance. I do have to agree that Natalie’s actual performance wasn’t as good as what Brandon and her did together, but it does seem like something’s missing in this story.

Everyone watching the show from home thought that Natalie Reid should have gotten a chance to dance for their life. To be honest, they didn’t use the Dance for Your Life card nearly enough this season. Lil’ C said on his twitter that you only get to dance for your life if someone disagrees, but they said that Natalie Reid going home was unanimous. I guess there goes my theory that she maybe did dance for her life and it just landed on the virtual cutting room floor.

All of this said, I thought that Natalie Reid would make it to the So You Think You Can Dance top 20, but I wasn’t too disappointed to see her go. Just sad for her more than anything.

Caitlin Kinney Dancing for Her Life
Ok, I know that Caitlin kind of screwed up Mia’s choreography, but that doesn’t matter to me. The judges should lay their hands off my Caitlin Kinney. Sure, I was glad to be able to see more of Caitlin Kinney dancing, but they definitely shouldn’t have scared me by leaving the vote to Mary Murphy. Seriously, it may be the only time I was happy with Mary Murphy this season. She made a phenomenal choice to keep Caitlin Kinney on the show.

Ok, so yes I’m showing some utter and complete bias on this rant, but that’s what being a fan is all about. Now everyone that reads this website will know my bias up front. Although, I reserve the right to change my mind.

Mia is Such a Wench
There are probably a few other words that aptly describe Mia, but I like to avoid using those words. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy watching her choreography. She definitely has an awkwardly creative mind that has hit a few home runs on So You Think You Can Dance. I just didn’t like her as a judge. She was so arrogant about being a judge. Nice to see she’s opinionated, but it went too far a few times I think. Of course, Mary Murphy is still at the top of my list of least favorite judges and will remain there forever. Anyone else notice that Mary Murphy said so little in this round. That’s because she says so little of worth.

Missing Dancers
I’m not really sure how they resolve this issue, but I’d like to get to know more of the dancers and see more of the dances. I’ll give the show a bit of a pass since they have a lot of dancing to cram into 2 hours. However, I wish they offered the bonus footage of all the extra dancing and outtakes on Maybe they’ll finally figure that out in their 10th season of the show.

I must admit that I thought I’d have a lot more rants. I think that’s a really good sign for the show. It was incredibly entertaining and the quality of the dancers in the top 20 is awesome. I can’t wait to find out who are the official So You Think You Can Dance top 20. Are there any other SYTYCD rants that I missed?