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Jonathan Platero Before So You Think You Can Dance Top 20

Jonathan Platero is another person we saw very little of on SYTYCD. Turns out he’s a salsa dancer. I love that they have a salsa dancer on the show. Provides a little variety. I wonder if they’ll bring salsa as one of the styles they do on the show now too. I don’t remember them really using salsa before. I am interested to know what kind of solos Jonathan Platero will use.

Here’s a video of Jonathan Platero’s salsa routine with Sophia Luna:

Here’s another video of Jonathan Platero and Sophia Luna in Canada doing a salsa routine.

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Max Kapitannikov Before So You Think You Can Dance

Max Kapitannikov looks like he’s going to be an interesting dancer for the boys in the SYTYCD top 20. Check out this interesting routine which kind of incorporates a number of styles into one dance including ballroom and Hip Hop. Pretty cool performance:

Here’s another Hip Hop video of Max Kapitannikov dancing with Sarika Hudson, Dasha Tertova, Pascha Stepanchuk, and Jonathan Jacobs. The lighting isn’t the best for this video.

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Ade Obayomi Before So You Think You Can Dance Top 20

Ade Obayomi is another example of a dancer that we didn’t get much chance to see before he was announced as a member of the So You Think You Can Dance 2009 top 20. So, I’m doing what I can to find some videos of the SYTYCD top 20 from before the show. Here’s a couple for Ade Obayomi.

This is Ade Obayomi doing a duet with Kaitlyn Conley. Gives a good example of what it will be like for Ade to partner someone on SYTYCD.

Here’s Ade Obayomi performing a solo. It isn’t a bad solo at all, but I’m not sure that a solo like this is really going to get people to pick up a phone and vote for him.

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Pono Aweau in Music Video with Miss Hawaii USA Jonelle Layfield

I was searching around for some videos of Pono Aweau from before So You Think You Can Dance and I came across this little gem. Turns out Pono Aweau somehow did this little music video with Miss Hawaii USA Jonelle Layfield to the song “So Much Betta” Janet - Discipline - So Much Betta by Janet Pono doesn’t appear until a little while in, but it’s interesting to see him in this video:

Also, Pono Aweau’s dance group (and also Mark Kanemura’s group) performed at the Miss Hawaii 2008 pageant as well. You can’t see any faces, but it gives a little idea of where Pono comes from:

Fans of Pono Aweau will also enjoy this video of Pono dancing at the 24-VII Danceforce Studio to “Take Me Out” Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand

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Auditioning for SYTYCD Multiple Times

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but it’s become even more interesting now that so many wonderful dancers just got kicked off So You Think You Can Dance. No doubt a ton of really really great dancers got sent home. So, it begs the question of whether people should be allowed to audition for So You Think You Can Dance multiple times.

To round out the discussion, you have to remember that rules about auditioning multiple times would apply to crappy dancers like “Sex” and Leo as much as great dancers like Natalie Reid and Paula Van Oppen. On the one hand, I like the storylines of people trying over and over again and finally achieving their dream. I loved when Twitch game back and finally made it. However, I’d be happy to never see Sex on the show again.

It’s funny, because after Leo and Sex battled it out on SYTYCD, I found Leo’s twitter account and sent him a couple messages and he replied. I asked him if he was going to audition again. He said he might, but he’d have to travel to LA to do it. I told him he had to audition again, he needed to pull out a few more spins. He then told me that he could do even more spins on roller blades. I of course then suggested that he take his rollerblades to the next audition. Can you imagine?

Anyway, I guess I have some mixed feelings about multiple auditions. On the one hand I like to see someone living their dream. On the other, I like to see fresh faces and to see new talent on the show. At the end of the day, the dancing and choreography is so amazing I’m not sure all the rest really matters all that much. Although, it’s a good topic for discussion in between episodes.

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