Potential So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Dancers

I just created a list of forgotten dancers on So You Think You Can Dance season 5. Now take a look at the list of other people who we saw a lot, but I hope will still come back on So You Think You Can Dance Season 6.

Ryan Kasprzak – I don’t think I have to explain myself here. His brother made it and he didn’t for the lamest reason Nigel has ever given. I’m not a huge fan myself, but I think it would fulfill a dream for him and I’m all for people living their dreams.

Megan Kinney – We didn’t get to know her as much as Caitlin. Probably because Caitlin was in the top 20 and she wasn’t. I don’t like her as much as Caitlin, but she’s still a nice dancer and I’d love to see her back.

Erik “Silky” Moore – I was really surprised when Erik was sent home. Check out these videos of Erik “Silky” Moore and you’ll see why I was surprised. He has some real versatility and personality and I think the show will miss a personality like Erik. Maybe next season.

Gabi Rojas – I don’t really need to explain this one. Everyone that’s watched her knows she has some unique choreography that was interesting. Can you imagine her solos?

Nobuya Nagahama – I loved this guys passion for dancing. I’m sure he wasn’t the most refined dancer, but he kind of reminded me of Hok who was good at his style, but just loved stretching himself to do other dances. Looking forward to seeing him come back and perform again.

Natalie Reid – I think that some people don’t want to see her come back, but she was so passionate last year about coming back that I hope she does it again. I like seeing people like her beat the odds or at least try. Luckily she doesn’t have to wait a whole year to try.

Sex – Oh wait No!!