So You Think You Can Dance Top 20 Voting

Someone asked me to post the numbers that people can use to vote for their favorites from the So You Think You Can Dance top 20. Your wish is my command. If you’re on the west coast, then this will also reveal the partners for the SYTYCD top 20.

Jeanine Mason and Phillip Chbeeb 1-888-TEMPO-01
Asuka Kondoh and Vitolio Jeune 1-888-TEMPO-02
Karla Garcia and Jonathan Platero 1-888-TEMPO-03
Randi Evans and Evan Kasprzak 1-888-TEMPO-04
Paris Torres and Tony Bellissimo 1-888-TEMPO-05
Caitlin Kinney and Jason Glover 1-888-TEMPO-06
Janette Manrara and Brandon Bryant 1-888-TEMPO-07
Ashley Valerio and Kuponohi’ipoi “Kupono” Aweau 1-888-TEMPO-08
Melissa Sandvig and Ade Obayomi 1-888-TEMPO-09
Kayla Radomski and Maksim “Max” Kapitannikov 1-888-TEMPO-10

Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you enjoy SYTYCD even more. Also, don’t forget to vote for the SYTYCD top 20 and check out the SYTYCD top 20 music.