Saying Good Bye to Tony Bellissimo and Paris Torres

Tonight’s episode really flew by for being a results show. I think that they found a good mix of dancing and drama of who will be sent home. Props to them for that part.

First up, Tony…
I enjoyed watching Tony dance, but he wasn’t over the top good. He was no Ivan to use the comparison that’s been often made. Ivan had this lovable street dancer quality and vibe that I think America learned to really love. Certainly it was Ivan’s time to go, but him and Allison Holker were a nice pair and great to watch. In fact, maybe Allison was the key to Ivan’s success. Tony wasn’t blessed with an Allison Holker for a partner, but someone far less talented (that’s a compliment to Allison, not necessarily a knock to Paris).

In the end, Tony had to go. I’m glad that Nigel and the other judges didn’t try to play the storyline of improved dance. Jonathan going home would have been a travesty. As a side note, I thought his solo was one of the best. I’m sure many of the ladies will miss Tony, but at least you still have Nigel’s good looks.

Now Paris…
Something just wasn’t right about Paris from the start. No I’m not talking about her big chin, I didn’t notice it until later. Anyway, I don’t really know what it was for me, but I never got into Paris. She always just kind of rubbed me the wrong way. What I did like was her drive to dance and her desire to be on the show. As someone said in the comments of this blog (where the real action happens anyway), it’s like we saw her heart break on national TV. I have to applaud that kind of passion.

With that said, I’m so glad that the Karla and Asuka remained. I really want to see what kind of performance Asuka can bring to the table since I think Tice really let her down with his choreography.

In other notes…
Shane Sparks is back!! I just can’t wait until he’s choreographing the couple numbers. Love it!!

The Sean Kingston dancers were the worst. Where did he get them? Sean needs to hire one of the choreographers from the show to help him out. I usually prefer the guest artist to have dancers since it’s a dance show. However, if they’re going to be as crappy as they were tonight, then leave them off.

A little bragging…
I was so happy that my So You Think You Can Dance power rankings were dead on with the bottom 3. I’m going to have to plan on making the rankings every week. I hope people enjoy them.

Don’t forget to go and vote for your favorite individual SYTYCD dancer. That poll has some really interesting results.