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SYTYCD 2009 Music

We’re back again with the list of the SYTYCD 2009 results show music for the top 18. Last night had a real hit song that a lot of people seemed to love called “Falling Slowly” The Frames - The Cost (Deluxe Edition) - Falling Slowly by The Frames. Feel free to take a look back at all the SYTYCD 2009 music.

Now for the SYTYCD 2009 top 18 results show music:
SYTYCD top 18Group dance to the song “Higher Ground” Stevie Wonder - Stevie Wonder: The Definitive Collection - Higher Ground—Stevie Wonder (Choreographer: Mia Michaels)

Special musical guest sang “Goodbye” Kristinia DeBarge - Goodbye - Single - Goodbye—Kristinia DeBarge (Original Kristinia DeBarge music video Goodbye)

Special guest Indian dancer: Amrapali Ambegaokar: Kathak

The bottom 3 couples did the following solos:
Caitlin Kinney: “Make You Feel My Love” ADELE - 19 - Make You Feel My Love—Adele
Jason Glover: “Superman” Robin Thicke - The Evolution of Robin Thicke (Deluxe Edition) - Superman—Robin Thicke
Ashley Valerio: “By Your Side” CocoRosie - La Maison de Mon Rêve - By Your Side—CocoRosie
Kupono Aweau: “Many Moons” Janelle Monáe - Metropolis: the Chase Suite - Many Moons—Janelle Monáe (Original Janelle Monáe music video Janelle Monáe - Metropolis: The Chase Suite (Fantastic Edition) - Many Moons)
Kayla Radomski: “Walking On Air” Kerli - Love Is Dead - Walking On Air—Kerli (Original Kerli music video Walking On Air)
Max Kapitannikov: “Footloose” Kenny Loggins - Footloose (15th Anniversary Collectors' Edition) - Footloose—Kenny Loggins

The Ashley Valerio montage was to the song “Already Gone” Kelly Clarkson - All I Ever Wanted - Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson
The Max Kapitannikov montage was to the song “On Your Own” Green River Ordinance - Out of My Hands - On Your Own by Green River Ordinance

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Judy Garland Tribute By Katie Holmes on So You Think You Can Dance

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at the White House Correspondents Dinner, Washington

More details are coming out about Katie Holmes possible appearance on So You Think You Can Dance. A local ABC station reports that Katie Holmes will be doing a tribute dance to Judy Garland. They also quote a witness who said the following:

For the routine, a witness tells Us that Holmes will don an all-black outfit, including a velvet fedora, patent-leather heels, and nylon stockings. Eight male dancers will kick up their heels alongside the actress in matching suits and ties. The number ends in a flourish with Holmes tossing her fedora in the air for one of the men to catch.

“[Holmes] is killing it,” a source tells Us.”She looks incredible. She is just doing an amazing job. Everyone is absolutely floored by how talented she is.”

A custom set was made for the production, which gives the illusion that Holmes is performing on a rooftop against a sky backdrop, acccording to the witness.

The article also says that it might happen on tonight’s performance instead of for the 100th SYTYCD episode on July 8th. I guess that’s what they do when the surprise performance gets leaked to the media.

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SYTYCD Top 18 Power Rankings

It’s that time again for me to rank the 9 couples that remain on So You Think You Can Dance. Remember that these rankings aren’t a ranking of who danced the best last night. It’s not based upon their technical dancing ability. It’s not based upon their talent. It’s not even based upon their popularity. It’s based upon all of those things. At least that’s the goal. Take a look at this week’s So You Think You Can Dance power rankings or look back at previous SYTYCD power rankings to see changes.

1. Randi Evans and Evan Kasprzak – Looking through the list, I tried to find the couple that deserved the top spot in this weeks power rankings more than Randi and Evan. However, Randi and Evan just couldn’t be topped. They had a solid performance. No doubt the Jive was the perfect platform for these 2 fireballs. Evan reminds me a bit of Benji Schwimmer as far as fan following. I think that Benji’s performance ability was a little bit broader and more appealing than Evan’s, but the fan following for Evan is very Benji like. Randi isn’t quite as popular, but all the Utah fans will be voting for her. No doubt they deserve the top spot this week.
2. Kayla Radomski and Max Kapitannikov – The judges were completely right about Kayla. She fully embodied her performance this week. I think Kayla and Max were ranked a little lower last week since Max got his own style. In a nice surprise, Max really showed America that he can do other styles quite well. Kayla and Max also lucked out to get Brian Friedman’s choreography. As a side note, if you liked Kayla’s costume in this dance, check out the second video down on this post. My only fear for this couple is that Max might not be popular enough to stay at the top. However, between their strong dance and Kayla’s popularity they deserve the second spot, for now.
3. Jeanine Mason and Phillip Chbeeb – Some might wonder why Jeanine and Phillip are at number 3 on my list after such a poor performance. Phillip wasn’t good at all in this, except for his face. I thought Jeanine was serviceable. However, they are both so popular, I couldn’t drop them any farther. I wanted to put Melissa and Ade above them, but compare the personalities of Jeanine and Phillip and Melissa and Ade during the judges comments. It’s like a night and day difference and something about Jeanine and Phillip draws people to them. They are just great on camera.
4. Melissa Sandvig and Ade Obayomi – Another really strong performance by Melissa and Ade. They were lucky to get Sonya’s choreography, but they also executed it so well. I wanted to rank them even higher on the strength of their performance, but I just don’t see America falling in love with Melissa and Ade yet. Plus, America likes the underdog and Lil’ C gave Ade the kiss of death by calling him a favorite this early.
5. Karla Garcia and Jonathan Platero – These two created what will be one of those memorable SYTYCD performances thanks to new choreographer Stacey Tookey and the most popular song of the evening, “Falling Slowly” The Frames - The Cost (Deluxe Edition) - Falling Slowly. There performance wasn’t flawless, but there were a few moments in the dance that just left your mouth open. Performances like this should really help Karla and Jonathan in the popularity department as well.
6. Caitlin Kinney and Jason Glover – 2 really lovable and popular dancers, but their performance last night was just off. Something just looked off when it came to Caitlin’s legs. I’m not sure if she was flat footed or didn’t bend them enough to really get into it. It just felt off at a number of times. Caitlin is super flexible though. Wow! I did expect these 2 to really connect on this performance like they did in Bollywood, but they didn’t.
———————Line of Death….Known as the Bottom 3———————————
7. Janette Manrara and Brandon Bryant – I may regret putting these 2 in the bottom 3 since they are quite popular. I just don’t think people enjoy the disco performance much at all. I really think Janette outshined Brandon with her disco like facial expressions. Her smile could be seen even from the long camera shots. Janette does deserve major credit for the amazing V leg lift. Another Wow!
8. Ashley Valerio and Kupono Aweau – I still think people aren’t buying Ashley (which makes me want to vote for her) and Kupono hasn’t been as strong as I would have expected. Their performance was just off. It had to be dead on synchronized and it just wasn’t. It’s too bad, because this performance synchronized would have been pretty good.
9. Asuka Kondoh and Vitolio Jeune – The judges gushed over this performance. Mary even cried (not that I believe anything she does is really that authentic). I enjoyed the performance. They had some nice lines and moments. However, it wasn’t a memorable waltz like when Jean Marc Genereux did one for his children (I think it was LaceyKherington and Twitch last season). That’s 2 weeks in a row that I think they got unlucky with their draws. If these two are in the bottom I think it’s a sure thing that Asuka goes home. Since the judges gushed over Vitolio’s story, he might survive another week.

Those are my thoughts. Let’s hear yours in the comments.

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Interview with SYTYCD Bollywood Choreographer Nakul Dev Mahajan

I’m really excited to bring you Pure So You Think You Can Dance’s first interview of a So You Think You Can Dance choreographer. This interview was an email interview with Hollywood’s Favorite Bollywood choreographer: Nakul Dev Mahajan. He’s the man responsible for first bringing Bollywood to the So You Think You Can Dance stage last season.

Since this was an email interview Nakul is able to duck some of the harder questions, but I think fans of So You Think You Can Dance will enjoy learning more about Nakul and Bollywood. My questions are in bold.

Premiere Of Warner Bros. Chandni Chowk To China

How did Nakul Dev Mahajan end up on So You Think You Can Dance?
The producers invited me to choreograph Season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) to add a new style of dancing and introduce America to Bollywood. Fortunately for me, they were following my professional dance career!

What were you doing before you joined So You Think You Can Dance?
I have collaborated for the past two SYTYCD seasons, in addition to choreographing various other TV programs, including The Office, Passions and MTV’s Next. I am also the founder of America’s first Bollywood dance studio in the nation: NDM Bollywood Dance Productions & Studios, teaching more than 5,000 students to-date! I am also the acting director/principle dancer of the NDM Dance Troupe, which has been honored with more than 50 awards and performed for more than a 100 productions.

Do you feel any pressure trying to represent Bollywood on such a visible US dance show? How do people in India feel about your choreography?
Pressure is natural in every job but for me it’s accompanied by a sense of responsibility and pride. My work on So You Think You Can Dance and other projects that have ‘aired’ in India have been complemented and well received by the viewers.

Now that you’ve seen the performance by Caitlin and Jason, do you think you tried to put too many difficult steps into their choreography for the first week?
I felt that Jason and Caitlin did a fantastic job, given that show rules allowed them only 5.5 hours to learn the entire piece. The routine was a little complex for week 1, but what a way to start the season!

One of my readers asked, “I’m no expert in Bharat Natyam, but what’s your reaction to all the harsh criticism about your choreography last week?”

Bharat Natyam is a classical form of Indian dance that traces years back and requires intensive training. I wanted Jason and Caitlin to be challenged, and since this art form is one of the elements of Bollywood, I decided to include it in their piece. I haven’t heard any harsh criticism, but rather constructive feedback.

Who deserves credit for Caitlin’s handstand moment? How’d you come up with that? It was incredible how her feet mimicked the Bollywood forms and will certainly be one of the most memorable moments of this season for me.
Caitlin is a gymnast. The minute I found out, I knew she would be able to do a handstand. I’ve always wanted to fuse an acrobatic move with Bollywood and this was the perfect opportunity to showcase it.

What should someone new to Bollywood watch for when trying to judge the quality of the performance? What’s the difference between a novice and professional Bollywood dancer?
Like any other style of dancing, there is a sense of synchronization and energy in Bollywood dancing. Bollywood is the fusion of different dance styles, both eastern and western. What makes one a good Bollywood dancer is the ability to adapt to the different styles while making it look easy. A professional dancer would be one who is well versed in all styles, where as a novice might not be familiar with as many genres.

Which dancer on So You Think You Can Dance has been your favorite to work with? and why?
In week eight of last season’s (Season Four) So You Think You Can Dance I had the opportunity to work with the Top 10 dancers, both for the opening number and the tour. This season I’ve only worked with Jason and Caitlin, so far. They are all wonderful and respectful dancers and each one is special in their own way.

Where can fans of your choreography and Bollywood find more of your work?
Our website,, offers a gallery of past performances as well as updates on upcoming projects and events.

What do you think will be the future of Bollywood in the US?
This is just the beginning – Bollywood is here to stay! Slumdog Millionaire globalized Bollywood dancing and strengthened interest in this genre of movie making and dancing. But there is more to be seen and many more aspects that of this art form that have yet to be revealed to US audiences.

Do you think we’ll ever get to see a So You Think You Can Dance India?
India already has their own versions of various American shows. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn of a future So You Think You Can Dance India.

Can we expect to see more Bollywood on So You Think You Can Dance? Possibly a group routine?
You will have to tune in this season to find out…

Was the kiss between Caitlin and Jason planned, real, suppose to be hidden? They don’t usually kiss in Bollywood.
In modern Bollywood movies kissing has been shown. However, it’s still taboo which is what my piece was all about. I’d like to keep the ending kiss open for interpretation and not reveal my intentions.

I want to thank Nakul for taking the time to answer some questions and share some of his thoughts with fans of So You Think You Can Dance. My next interview looks like it’s going to be with Nappytabs.

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