Random Thoughts on the SYTYCD 18 Elimination Show

I must admit that I always get in a little bit of a funk the day after the So You Think You Can Dance elimination shows. I get so involved in the comments from my SYTYCD power rankings, on my twitter account and of course in the SYTYCD music, that the day after I usually just need a little break. So, in the future if you see me kind of disappear, then now you know why. I just need to bring on a second person to help me post to this blog. Any takers?

Now on to my random thoughts…

Bottom 3 Couples – Anyone that says they knew that those 3 couples would be in the bottom 3 is smokin something fierce. What a shocker. I bet Nigel and the show are loving that. Seriously though, when have they ever had 3 different couples from the week before. It hasn’t and that’s what’s so amazing. Most shocking of all was that Asuka and Vitolio weren’t in the bottom 3 and Kayla and Max were in the bottom 3. This actually might turn out to be a really good thing for Kayla, because now her fans will kind of wake up and start voting for her more. Maybe they just got a little bit complacent in the past since she did dance so well.

Solos – I don’t know why, but I’m still not such a big fan of the solos. I think people like Hok and Dominique from past seasons kind of spoiled us with great solos. The solos have been rather lack luster for me. I’m not sure I can really remember one amazing moment from any of the solos. I guess Phillip just needs to be in the bottom 3 to rectify it.

Max Gone – I think it’s unfortunate that Max got sent home. He worked so hard and really laid it all out on the line. That should be rewarded. Unfortunately, I’m afraid his look was the reason he got sent home. That just doesn’t feel right. I think maybe the judges should just be removed from this part of the equation altogether.

Ashley Gone – This was not really a surprise for me. However, I was honestly sad she’s gone. There’s something about her that makes her not as likable and I get that. However, Ashley really found a soft spot in my heart when I think of how many times and how hard she tried to be on the show. I would have liked to see her a couple more weeks. That said, I want to see Kayla and Caitlin more.

Shameful Lip Sync – Seriously, could that singer (Kristinia DeBarge) have looked any more like she was lip syncing? It was dreadful to even watch. The dancers were better than Sean Kingston’s dancers, but the lip syncing has got to go.

Amrapali Ambegaokar – I preferred the Indian dancing she did on Superstars of Dance more than her performance on SYTYCD. However, there’s absolutely no arguing that she has amazing talent. I can’t imagine how much practice it must take to do what she did. I wonder what Nakul Dev Mahajan thought of it.

Quick Hits:
-Mia’s been hanging with Wade Robson or Brian Friedman I think.
-The Lil C sequence was awesome
-Cat Deeley looked awesome in that suit. Much better than the previous red sheet.
-Kayla’s face was priceless when she was in the bottom 3
-Nice SYTYCD 6 promotion using Ryan Kasprzak
-Wednesday SYTYCD starts to get some competition with America’s Got Talent. Don’t they know they shouldn’t overlap my shows?!?!