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Ashley Valerio and Max Kapitannikov Elimination Interview

Hello all, I am ecstatic to be publishing my first post!

I’d like to introduce myself a little bit. My name is Max. I’m from Montreal, Canada, and I love everything SYTYCD. I’ll be helping John out with posting, and maybe even with the Canadian version of the show, starting this Fall. I’d also like to say that if you, the reader, have any criticism whatsoever on any of my future posts, do not be afraid to vocalize it. Good, bad, I welcome it all.

Now, Ashley Valerio and Max Kapitannikov’s Collective Elimination Interview – Watching this interview, you’d never know it was because they were kicked off the show. Nonetheless, I felt that Ashley’s advice at the end was very inspirational. I am definitely sad to see the both of them go after so much hard work.

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The Latest So You Think You Can Dance Tweets

This is my first edition of what I believe will be many posts talking about the various tweets being sent on Twitter by those related to or on So You Think You Can Dance. Twitter has really become a great way to be able to connect with So You Think You Can Dance. It’s how I got my interview with Bollywood choreographer Nakul and how I was able to connect with Nappytabs for a future interview (assuming things don’t fall apart). Anyway, you can check out our list of So You Think You Can Dance twitter accounts to stay up with your favorite people from SYTYCD. Otherwise, here’s our quick summary of some of the things happening on twitter related to SYTYCD:

Simon G. Jewelrys Spring Bling Benefit For The Lili Claire Foundation

Snap, Crackle, and Pop wrote a nice piece covering Lacey Schwimmer’s distaste for the current season of So You Think You Can Dance. Here are Lacey Schwimmer’s tweets about SYTYCD. Seems like she should have had a lesson in PR before sending these out, but I’ll let you be the judge. Here they are:
“Is at home watching a certain reality show….and is very disappointed :/”

“a certain reality show is starting to get on my nerves. no longer professionals….just generic…blah”
“uhhmm im sorry im beeing catty but im like gasping for air on how bad it is this season.”

About Max being cut she tweeted, “honestly hes no partner dancer….yuck”

“maybe you forget i went to top 4 on sytycd? and have more qualifing dance credits than many.”

“i never said i wasnt greatful….infact i love it for what it has done for me and my brother and friends.”

“all 3 people who are not liking my opinion… relax….i know what dancing is. and im allowed an opinion…sorry you feel the need to attack.”

I think that most people know that Nigel Lythgoe was having surgery this weekend. Nigel had to miss the SYTYCD season 6 auditions in New Orleans, but is suppose to be back for the show on Wednesday. Nigel tweeted the following after his surgery, “Post-op news. The surgery was a complete success. I now have permanent earplugs!!!! Only kidding, my disc op was evidently completed well!”

Nigel also sent the following tweet to Paula Abdul, “@PaulaAbdul a very very Happy Birthday. I do hope you’re coming to mine. Are you going to choreograph on SYTYCD this year?” Could be interesting and good for ratings to have Paula Abdul on So You Think You Can Dance. I’m not so excited to see her on the show, but it should be a bit of a ratings boost and great to get a big name on the show. Better than that lip syncer.

Adam Shankman sent out this tweet, “Me, @danabrunetti, and the real Deeley. She’s goin on Twitter soon, get ready!” Did he just say Cat Deeley would be on twitter soon? We’ll be watching for this. I can’t wait.

Lil’ C tweeted about the So You Think You Can Dance 6 auditions, “Jus saw some New Orleans Bounce!!!! It was Bucc!!!!” and “Found some diamonds in the rough yesterday, and hoping that we unearth more gems in todays auditions…operating on no sleep, bucc’n it out!” and “It’s been a very long audition day in New Orleans folks!!!!!! A very long day indeed, and I’ve only used the word “Bucc” 1x”

Let me know if you like this. Maybe we should turn it into a regular post. Good news is it looks like I’m going to be bringing on some help. Not enough of me to go around. Watch for that soon.

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