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SYTYCD Top 16 Music

We’re back one again with the full list of music from the SYTYCD top 16. Kayla and Kupono dance together for the first time and Dave Scott returns to the show as a choreographer. Also, feel free to take a look back at previous SYTYCD music.

Karla Garcia and Jonathan Platero danced Hip-hop to the song “By My Side” Jadakiss & Ne-Yo - The Last Kiss (Bonus Track Version) - By My Side—Jadakiss featuring Ne-Yo choreographed by Dave Scott

Asuka Kondoh and Vitolio Jeune danced Jazz to the song “Heartbreaker” Pat Benatar - Greatest Hits - Heartbreaker—Pat Benatar choreographed by Mandy Moore

Melissa Sandvig and Ade Obayomi danced Rumba to the song “Emotion” Destiny's Child - Survivor - Emotion—Destiny’s Child choreographed by Tony Meredith

Janette Manrara and Brandon Bryant danced Hip-hop to the song “What a World” Common - Universal Mind Control - What a World—Common choreographed by Dave Scott

Kayla Radomski and Kupono Aweau danced a Viennese Waltz to the song “Sweet Dreams” Jewel - Lullaby - Sweet Dreams—Jewel choreographed by Jean-Marc Généreux

Randi Evans and Evan Kasprzak danced Contemporary to the song “Koop Island Blues” Koop featuring Ane Brun - Koop Islands - Koop Island Blues—Koop featuring Ane Brun choreographed by Mia Michaels

Caitlin Kinney and Jason Glover danced a Paso Doble to the song “O Fortuna” Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg & Kurt Prestel - Orff: Carmina Burana - O Fortuna—Mozaretum Orchestra Salzburg & Kurt Prestel choreographed by Jean-Marc Généreux

Jeanine Mason and Phillip Chbeeb danced Broadway to the song “Moses” Gene Kelly & Donald O'Connor - Singing In the Rain (Original Film Soundtrack) - Moses from Singing in the Rain choreographed by Tyce DiOrio

June 24, 2009 I Written By

Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

So You Think You Can Dance Fan Tweets

Today, I sent out a request to hear people’s thoughts about tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Here’s a quick list of people’s comments (with my own commentary in italics).

NICOLENICHOLS @tvblog @puresytycd now for the REAL obsession…I’m excited to see what kayla & kupono bring to the table
SYTYCD is an obsession for you? Not for me. Although I do like the show.

Anooptastic_fan @tvblog SYTYCD is gonna be awesome tonight… can’t wait!
Not much longer to wait now. Woot!!

ohmcmahon @tvblog whoever gets Hip Hop 2nite better kill it! im interested to see kayla & kupono’s partnership. will Mia choreograph a number 2nite?
Hip Hop has been disappointing so far this season. Here’s hoping for better. I think Mia does better with the couples choreography, so I hope she’s on tonight too.

tkdsoulkat @tvblog I can’t wait for tonights show. I’m loving the addition of Louis as a coreographer.
Louis Van Amstel has been better than expected. He was ok on Dancing with the Stars, but he’s done well on SYTYCD.

tatephoto @tvblog I’m so pumped up! I want to see Kayla get those votes to be NEVER in the bottom three again. She is THE winner.
I love fans. Last week’s surprise bottom 3 for Kayla might grant you the wish by motivating all of her fans.

Laurabo @tvblog SYTYCD is the best reality show on TV! creative, fun, love it!
Can’t argue with you there. Although, I’m a bit partial to Amazing Race as well.

SPOILER: martywtheparty @tvblog i was at the taping for tonights episode yesterday afternoon/evening…not any AMAZING dances, but some fun ones :]
Well, maybe a mini spoiler. I’ll ignore this and hope you’re wrong;-)

tazzbones_inc @tvblog i love sytycd i definitely think its gonna be interesting
Always is.

Tamyra88 @tvblog hopefully its better than last week.
I didn’t mind last week, but certainly wasn’t in my top 10 episodes of SYTYCD.

MonstersDance @tvblog We are excited to see Tabitha & Napoleon Dumo’s group piece on Thursday & also see The Beat Freaks perform with The Vernonicas
Nappytabs is back on Thursday? Awesome. The Beat Freaks will be awesome and The Veronicas music has been one of the most popular on SYTYCD. Looks to be a good Thursday for special guests.

CdnFanGurl @tvblog I am a fan of Melissa but she needs to bring it tonight
I’m a fan as well. She’s brought it so far for me. I’m just sad that America doesn’t seem to be warming up to her.

deilia @tvblog I’ll HATE a song on the radio & then see them dance to it on SYTYCD and immediatley fall in love with that same song!
Isn’t it amazing how dancing can completely revolutionize a song? SYTYCD has done that dozens of times for me. Now, whenever I hear a song I don’t like I imagine someone dancing to it. There’s no doubt that SYTYCD has the best music on TV.

ThisIsCarissa @tvblog I’m waiting for Mia to get ahold of a great contemporary couple and pretty much any Kings of Leon song. That would be my ultimate!
I’d like to see Mia and Brandon in a room.

pamlarson412 @tvblog @icounsel4food I sure hope kupono is man enough for Kayla! I love her and I fear he is gonna drag her down. Boo
Is anyone man enough for Kayla. She’s quite the woman.

ImaPEEP @puresytycd kupono/kayla=mark/chelsie from season 4. Karla/John, asuka/vitolio will probably be in bottom. john/asuka, soon, will be gone.
I’m not totally with you on the Kupono/Kayla = Mark/Chelsie comparison, but I’ll reserve judgement until after tonight.

davidklayton @puresytycd Prediction: Evan kills it! Pono doesn’t do well with Kayla. Kayla makes really sour face. Mary blows out Nigels eardrums
Kayla’s faces are priceless! Reminder to Self: Get mute button ready for Mary

lorfna @puresytycd I read the spoilers, a bit worried for Pono&Kayla’s genre, but i’m hopeful they’ll do great. Excited for Karla&Jon’s genre.
SPOILERS (kind of): I love seeing the various dance styles people get.

SharonSelnik @puresytycd I’m wondering how the new pairing of Kayla and Kupono will work. It’s got to be hard to get a new partner after losing one.
Kayla and Kupono’s partnership could be the intrigue of the night. Changing partners can sometimes be a good thing. I just don’t see these 2 meshing well.

happychamorro @puresytycd Last week’s hip hop was a bust. Poor Shane. Hopefully this week’s routines will be bester.
I don’t think Shane brought his best choreography last week either. The dancers and Shane share the blame in my book.

AnnaE55 @puresytycd couldn’t say as I haven’t seen it yet and I stay clear of spoilers. I always get giddy on shows days though!
I stay away from spoilers as well. However, that doesn’t stop my predictions. So, why does this show make people giddy? Not saying that I, a man, would get giddy over SYTYCD *manly grunt*

moniquita26 @puresytycd well I don’t think I’m “feeling” this whole Kupono and Kayla pairing….will be interesting to watch.
Lots of people feel Kupono. Even more feel Kayla. The pairing just seems off.

kdbennett @puresytycd Do we know who the guest judge is?
Haven’t heard, but I think the TWoP forums have the best spoilers from what I’ve heard.

LuvizBlind @puresytycd I’m a DVR fan. Haven’t watched it yet, but love the show. Guess to be a part of twitternation I need to start watching real time
You can be part of twitternation and watch it on DVR. Just start watching the DVR’d version of SYTYCD about 45 minutes after the show begins. Then, you’ll end about the same time we do;-)

bentsinister @puresytycd I watch it but I don’t have much to say about it. Still miffed at both eliminations last wk. Interested to see Kaypono.
Many were miffed like you. However, the miffing is just going to get worse as we progress. The dancers are too good this year.

SPOILER Stunningstarr @puresytycd – Personally I’m super excited for Dave Scott to be back. I just love him. A bit worried about Phillip though – Broadway?
Did you say Dave Scott? I forgot about him. I’ve really liked some of his stuff in the past. Glad he’s back. Phillip could be in trouble if your spoiler is right.

EyreAffair @puresytycd i predict it will be even harder to find someone to go home! such good people this year!
I’d put money on this prediction. Although, maybe not for 2 weeks.

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Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?