SYTYCD Dream Couples

It’s a bit early for the Top 10 switcheroo, but having 2 out of 3 eliminations result in new couples has got me thinking.

Who do you think would make interesting couples when the switch does happen (assuming anybody left is still around)? And while we’re at it, do you have a strong suspicion that an eliminated dancer would have faired better with a different partner?

I’m curious to see what would have happened if Paris and Brandon had been partnered. I liked her – she seemed goofy – and I wonder if she could have brought out that side of Brandon that I haven’t seen in him since Natalie got cut Vegas week.

What about Jeanine and Evan? They strike me as a couple that could be really fun and amazing together. Or Kayla and Evan – would that be dance heaven or a total disaster?

Caitlin and Ade could be interesting together. I like her and Jason together, but Ade seems like a good mix of silly and strong and that could be really good for Caitlin.

What would a Tony and Janette pairing have looked like? I almost can’t fathom it. Or Kayla and Tony? Perhaps he could have learned a lot from her, become a stronger dancer and lasted longer.

I like the Randi-Evan pairing a lot, so maybe it’s blasphemous, but what do you think she’d dance like with Jason? Or Phillip? Or Phillip and Kayla?

I’d love to know what you think!