Kasprzaktivist – Evan Kasprzak

For those of you that are fans of Evan Kasprzak (which there are a lot of you), then you probably already know about being a Kasprzaktivist. This is a name that was introduced by Evan’s brother Ryan in what Ryan’s calling his Brother Blog. The first episode he even had “The Other Brother” make an appearance (I’m a little biased to The Other Brother since he’s a computer nerd like me).

Well, Ryan is pretty entertaining in most of these Brother Blog videos. A little bit too much begging for votes for me, but it’s all good. I love how Ryan’s doing a great job supporting his brother and I actually think this should pay off well for Ryan once he makes the SYTYCD top 20 on season 6 of SYTYCD.

In case you missed them, here’s a playlist of all the Kasprzaktivist videos to date:

My favorite part was when someone changed their middle name on Facebook to Kasprzak. As a side note, I’m sending an email to Ryan to see about doing a video interview for this blog. Let’s hope he accepts.