SYTYCD Top 12 Power Rankings

I’m so excited for Top 10 next week. And a bit sad. Some couples, I’m praying they make it through, so I can see the dancers each with someone else and some couples, I’m incredibly sad (and maybe a bit worried) now that they’re going to be split up.

I keep saying how hard this is, but am mostly trying not to face that it’s not going to get any easier. Every week, it gets harder. And now, half of the couples are in the bottom 3! Thanks for your comments in the “SYTYCD rant” John provided, cause I totally scoped them out. Also, I’m using my texts back and forth with my mom as notes, since we always talk throughout the shows.

Okay, so let’s start…

-Janette and Brandon are SUPER safe this week, I think. Both of their routines were outstanding and they were last, so they’re fresh in our minds. WADE ROBSON! I think WR loves his Roisin Murphy (remember Lauren and Neil with “Night of the Dancing Flames”?). In the comments, Beth says she’s been a hater, but was sold tonight. I’m right there with her and I suspect that a lot of us with reservations about either of these two dancers will vote for them tonight.

-Jeanine and Phillip first had a kind of boring Russian folk dance, but they made it work with their personalities and chemistry and nobody had any complaints about their dancing. Phillip showed a lot of progress with his jive and Jeanine was too sexy for words and smoothed over any lack of polish on Phillip’s part. I believe they, too, will be safe. It’ll be interesting to see how Phillip does with a new partner. He’s got a great personality and is a good dancer, but he’s not picking up the other styles fast or strong enough, so he disappoints me sometimes.

-Kayla and Kupono rocked a Mia Michaels routine about addiction. It was ridiculously good, gave both my mom and I shiver attacks and apparently made Stephanie almost puke, it was so good. Their Broadway wasn’t nearly as good. I enjoyed it, but I think the judges’ comments were valid. However, I think the strength of Mia’s routine and Kayla’s popularity will save the day here.

-Randi and Evan made me so afraid tonight when I heard the words “hip-hop” attached to their names. But, they pulled out a sweet hip hop with Nappytabs’ help. It was funny how both Nigel and Mary spoke my thoughts for me. I kept wondering if Randi should be thrown around so much if she were pregnant (lol) and Mary voiced my hip-hop related fears. Their samba struggled in the middle (though Randi kicked butt and the opening was very strong). Loved seeing Pasha and Anya! I think the comments aimed at Evan were right on tonight (much as I love him). He’s a lot sexier than he lets himself dance, so he’s got to move those hips with confidence. You could almost switch R&E and K&K, in my mind, but I think that there was just enough of an edge with the stellar Mia Michaels piece to put K&K just a cut above. I don’t want either of them to go home! No siree! Let’s see how they dance with new folks.

-Melissa and Ade had two competent, interesting numbers, but they were routines that can sometimes be…less dynamic. Okay, it’s no secret. I’m not a fan of disco. My mom loved the disco, but I’m just never really that impressed. And the waltz was sweet, especially as it was potentially their last dance together. I was really impressed with Ade and enjoyed his independent spins near the end. But, because the dances were disco and waltz and earlier than the rest of the dances, I think they may be in trouble. At this point, I don’t dislike anybody, but I probably like Melissa and Ade least at this point.

-Caitlin and Jason had a great Foxtrot, but he wasn’t really keeping up with her. She got her wish with a sequiney, sexy costume (and I guess the costume department took pains to make up for last week). Their Mandy Moore lyrical jazz was good too, but everyone mentioned they just didn’t think they did quite enough since it was their own styles. I honestly hope that Caitlin at least makes it to next week because I suspect that, though they clearly like each other, she and Jason just never developed the right chemistry as dancers. I don’t think it’s so much Jason holding Caitlin back as they would’ve been better off with different partners.

However, I suspect that they’ll go if they’re in the bottom 3, since they’re no strangers to that position. Or Melissa and Ade. If I were calling the shots, I’d send Melissa and Jason home.

It’s really sad because, as much as I like all of the dancers at this point, I just don’t think the boys stand up to the girls in terms of dance talent. Evan’s probably the only one I’d be devastated to lose, where I love all the girls.

What do you think? Am I going to be terribly off this week? Or eerily on? Do you think Kayla and Kupono have any advantage going into the Top 10 since they’ve already switched partners? And let’s try this “dream couples” thing one more time now that we’re going to have the opportunity to see new partnerships next week.

Oh, and if you were wondering, my mom and I exchanged something like 60 text messages throughout this show. I tried to get her to do the Power Rankings for me since it’s so hard, but she had to go to bed.