SYTYCD Top 10 Power Rankings

What an amazing show!! First, let me say that I loved both the girls’ and boys’ numbers, especially that each featured a “foreign” dance style that was so high-energy and that both included all five linking arms and dancing together. And the FAME trailer got me sooo excited. It’s been too long since my last Kherington fix.

So, the rankings. Here we go.

Girls –

1. Jeanine had a terrific contemporary with Jason, choreographed by Travis Wall and it was stunning. Her solo was also incredibly strong. I think she acquitted herself quite well.

2. Janette and Ade had a wonderful Nappytabs hip-hop that was a lot of fun. More amazing chemistry here. Her solo was the last and pretty strong and she showed a lot of personality when Cat asked her, “So where are you from again?” and she whipped out, “New Zealand!”

3. Kayla continued her “flawlessness” with Evan. I really enjoyed her personality a lot when she and Evan discussed the height differences, switched shoes and after the performance revealed the “shoe fix.” Flats! On a waltz! That’s pretty neat, actually. Her solo was good.

4. Melissa has a cute personality and did well tonight with Brandon and in her solo, but I never seem to feel much variety from her. Of the girls, she’s my least favorite and I suspect that though she was gorgeous, she’s probably surprised us the least and showed the least growth (probably cause she has the most experience and is pretty technically trained). She’s my vote to go, though she probably performed better than –

5. Randi unluckily drew Kupono and, I think, suffered for it. I think the wig and the awkwardness of the routine (though there were some pretty elements) might hurt her. I suspect it’s between her and Melissa and I’d rather that she stay so I can see her with more partners. She’s my mom’s favorite, so I know she wants her to stay as well.

Boys (mom and I were in 100% agreement here) –

1. Evan has an enormous fan base, as well as a lot of flair and personality. His solo was strong and he did admirably in the African dance, though Nigel said he looked like a “dancing milkshake.” But I was actually never in any doubt that he would do well here, as he’s always been adept at leaping. He partnered Kayla with incredible strength (THOSE LIFTS!!!) and I think he’s learning more about masculinity and strength and sexiness every week. Which is great, cause he’s always been cute and charming.

2. Ade just wowed me tonight. He’s won me over more and more each week and I was excited to see him dance with Janette. What a wonderful partnership! So much chemistry. His solo rocked as well. Love that he got to demonstrate the power of the pick. Lol.

3. Jason was in the strongest routine of the night, with Jeanine and I’m thoroughly impressed with him. I hope he can keep it up. He gets major cool points from me for solo-ing to Muddy Waters Muddy Waters - Muddy Waters: The Chess Box - Train Fare Home.

4. Brandon had a good night, good routine with Melissa and a good solo. But he’s still a bit cocky and he’s almost too proficient. It’s kinda boring sometimes. Not all the time, but I think that people have latched on to people like Evan and Ade so much more at this point, and Jason just had such a great routine with Jeanine.

5. Kupono needs to go. He really let Randi down with all that awkwardness in the Paso Doble. I was proud of him in the African dance and liked his solo. But of all the guys, I think he’s probably the weakest (least consistent, at least) partner, which puts the girls in danger.

I can’t wait to see what y’all think!