You Might Be A SYTYCD-a-holic if…

You might be a SYTYCD-a-holic if…

you know what SYTYCD stands for (it’s So You Think You Can Dance for the uneducated in the room).

you’re still reading about SYTYCD on the Tuesday after the Thursday results show.

you’ve read all 95 comments on this SYTYCD discussion thread.

you check Pure SYTYCD more than you check your email.

you know how many days until the SYTYCD tour comes to your town. (116 days, 11 hours, but who’s counting)

you know that Hok is an amazing B-boy dancer, not a bird.

you know that Cat is not an animal, but a tall lady with a beautiful accent.

you know how to quickly hit mute when Mary Murphy is on camera (sorry, I had to throw this one in there).

you’ve sometime used the names Branette, Evandi, Kaypono, or Melade. In fact, even if you know what those names mean.

you’re excited to see a little boy named Nathan Trasoras dance.

your body starts reacting when you hear the words bench, door, bed, couch, or table used with the words dance routine.

If any of the above match you. There’s no need to fear. You’re not alone. It just means you are a SYTYCD-A-HOLIC. Embrace it! Get one of the SYTYCD-a-holic t-shirts and wear it proudly.

Are YOU a SYTYCD-a-holic?