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My So You Think You Can Dance 100 Episode Thoughts

I must admit that I’ve been reminiscing about the 100th episode and enjoying the whole experience thoroughly. My list of past So You Think You Can Dance routines (only the amazing ones) was my favorite part so go check it out.

Now on to thoughts about tonight’s show. Plus, tonight I’m including some videos. It seemed the right thing to do in honor of the 100th episode.

I must admit that I wasn’t surprised at all when I heard that Jason and Janette were going home. Don’t ask me why, but I just had a feeling that Kayla and Brandon were going to make it through. That said, figuring out who’s going to be in the bottom 2 is so hard. Week to week it changes depending on their partners and the routines they get.

Now about Jason and Brandon…
With that said, I’ve kind of not liked Jason this whole time. He just never really clicked for me. As I watched the recap of his best moments I decided that I think it was the producers fault that we didn’t really get to know Jason. Everyone’s loved how he was the first one to hug whoever was safe. I also noticed when I think it was Kayla was safe, she went over and Brandon didn’t even acknowledge her, but Jason reached out to greet her. I think we missed this side of Jason and I think I would have liked him better had they shown more of that side of Jason on the show.

At the end of the day, I would have been very happy if Brandon had been sent home and Jason stayed. However, when I was watching it, I was surprised that I had kind of turned around to almost liking Jason. Plus, Brandon just has never been right for me. Tonight Brandon proved in his solo that he’s an amazing dancer. I’m just afraid he’s an amazing solo dancer and not very good in partnering.

Think back on Brandon’s dances. I can’t think of one moment where I can say that Brandon totally connected with his partner. The only one that comes to mind is in the Vegas auditions when Brandon and Natalie did that Sonya routine before Natalie was sent home. For me, Brandon just fails to connect with his partner. Yesterday hit that home when I saw no chemistry between Brandon and Jeanine. Add in something about his head (some people say it’s his big neck) and let’s just say I’m not a huge fan. Although, I will be excited to see Brandon’s solo next week.

While we’re on the boys….
Evan is unique. He has a Benji like following. However, it doesn’t feel quite as strong and it does seem to be waning. Plus, Benji had very few people that wanted him gone. Evan isn’t so lucky. I’ll be a bit surprised if Evan makes the top 4. I think the tide is turning for those not called Kasprzaktivists.

What can I say about Ade? It’s the pick. It’s the pick. Definitely a possible dark horse. He surprised me out of the chute with a few good routines with Melissa and some great choreography. I don’t see him winning it all, but won’t be surprised if he wins the top boy prize (assuming they do that again this year).

Now my dear Janette…
I must admit that I like Miami. However, I’m going to stick with the tweet I sent as they announced the girls “I’ll be very sad if Kayla or Jeanine goes home.” Janette will be missed. Some people suggested to me that it might be an Allison-ed. I don’t think it’s quite the same. In fact, it’s probably closer to a Kherington-ed. Allison was a GREAT (and probably still is) technical dancer who was sent home too early because she probably lacked in the personality department a little (or at least it wasn’t shown). Kherington was kind of the opposite. Solid technically, but oozed personality. Janette is definitely more like Kherington. Do I dare admit that Brandon’s popularity was keeping Janette on the show? Hmm…Miami will certainly be missed.

Seems like a lot of people are unhappy that Melissa is still there. As I watched her during the announcements I couldn’t help but think that if Melissa was a 21 year old girl, she’d have never made it to the top 20. I can’t think of really any dancer before Melissa that has embodied the more mature dancer this way. It’s been a nice storyline that I’ve enjoyed this season. It’s crazy to think that the “naughty ballerina” is now the “mature dancer.” I will admit that Melissa was a bit lucky to have gotten a couple Impressive routines at the start of the show and then of course yesterday’s Tyce piece. I’ve liked Melissa a lot, but it will be a sad finale if it doesn’t include both Kayla and Jeanine for me.

Speaking of Kayla and Jeanine…
Kayla has become my favorite dancer. Yesterday I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she danced. Plus, little pieces of her personality have really started to show through for me as the season progresses. Maybe it’s just her smile. Kayla does seem to be enjoying herself more as the season progresses. Yes I’ve become a real fan.

Jeanine has been the surprise of the show for me. She was hidden in the shadow of Phillip to start, but ever since that broadway routine she’s stood out to me. Even her less than stellar Waltz her face still had that star quality for me.

Of course, just don’t make me choose between Kayla and Jeanine.

Now I promised you videos. Read more..

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Wade Robson Joins Ramalma Performance on SYTYCD 100th Episode

Man, Wade Robson has that amazing star quality in his dancing as well as his choreography. I couldn’t take my eyes off Wade Robson in this performance of Ramalama. Plus, the dancers from So You Think You Can Dance season 2 are awesome. Check out the video of “Ramalama (Bang Bang)” Róisín Murphy - Ruby Blue - Ramalama (Bang Bang) sung by Róisín Murphy and choreographed by Wade Robson:

This I think is probably the highlight of the 100th So You Think You Can Dance episode.

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So You Think You Can Dance Top 8 Results Show Songs – 100th Episode

Time again for everyone’s favorite list of music. Yes, we’re talking about the So You Think You Can Dance music. SYTYCD reaching 100 episodes is awesome. The biggest sadness is that they only went 1 hour instead of 2. Also, make sure you check out the SYTYCD 100th episode discussion thread.

Group dance: “One” Company - A Chorus Line - One – A Chorus Line (Contemporary; Choreographer: Mia Michaels)
Musical guest: “Get Happy” Judy Garland - Judy Garland's Greatest Hits Live - Get Happy — Judy Garland Tribute by Katie Holmes

Guest dancers:
“The Chairman’s Waltz” John Williams - Memoirs of a Geisha - The Chairman's Waltz from Memoirs of a Geisha — Jaimie Goodwin & Hokuto “Hok” Konishi (Choreographer:Wade Robson)
Calling You” – Celine Dion — Travis Wall & Heidi Groskreutz (Choreographer:Mia Michaels)
“Ramalama (Bang Bang)” Róisín Murphy - Ruby Blue - Ramalama (Bang Bang) — Róisín Murphy (Choreographer: Wade Robson)

Solo Music:
Kayla Radomski: “The Moment I Said It” Imogen Heap - Speak for Yourself - The Moment I Said It—Imogen Heap
Jason Glover: “…Slowdance On the Inside” Taking Back Sunday - Where You Want to Be - ...Slowdance On the Inside—Taking Back Sunday
Janette Manrara: “Seduces Me” Céline Dion - Falling Into You - Seduces Me—Celine Dion
Brandon Bryant: “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That” Robert Randolph & The Family Band - Colorblind - Ain't Nothing Wrong With That—Robert Randolph and the Family Band

The female dancer’s elimination montage is to the song “Already Gone” Kelly Clarkson - All I Ever Wanted - Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson
The male dancer’s elimination montage is to the song “On Your Own” Green River Ordinance - Out of My Hands - On Your Own by Green River Ordinance

Montage for Previous Seasons
“Four Seasons” Candida Thompson, Henk Rubingh, Jan Jansen, Janine Jansen, Julian Rachlin, Liz Kenny, Maarten Jansen & Stacey Watton - Vivaldi: the Four Seasons Etc - The Four Seasons: Violin Concerto in E Major, RV 269, "Spring": I. Allegro (not sure exactly which movement) by Vivaldi
Light & Day The Polyphonic Spree - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) - Light and Day by The Polyphonic Spree

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So You Think You Can Dance Top 8 Become 6 Discussion Thread

It’s that time again. Everyones time to complain cheer discuss why their favorite (or least favorite) dancer was kicked off on tonight’s SYTYCD results show. Also, a time to revel in SYTYCD turning 100. 100 episodes of happiness. Well for the most part.

Also, just a reminder that tomorrow is the presale for the So You Think You Can Dance 2009 Tour tickets. I’d appreciate fans of Pure SYTYCD clicking through the link above to buy their tickets on Ticketmaster. It’s the same price as going to Ticketmaster directly, but Pure SYTYCD gets a commission if you click through this site. Always nice to have a little extra income to keep the lights on and take my wife out to dinner.

Thanks and let the discussion begin!! I think all I’ll have to say is…HEIDI!! Woot!!

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Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

So many different opinions…here are mine

My opinion about last nights show (July 22). I just had to write what I was feeling.

As long as been watching SYTYCD, Tyce’s breast cancer routine was had been the most emotional routine yet. I’ll admit that it didn’t make me cry till it cut to the judges and by the time Mia started talking I was welling up. I have two Aunts that are breast cancer survivors…so I was able to connect with the dance. After reading so many comments on this site about who loved it, liked it, and those who didn’t care for it, I got to thinking. I can’t help but to think that part of Tyce’s back story on why he choreographed this number seemed to be edited. Unlike Mia’s Time that she did for her father, her concept was clear. It caught me off guard to see Nigel so moved by the routine…it feels like the judges may have known the entire back story as to why Tyce wanted to choreograph such an emotionally driven dance. To say the he only choreographed this routine just to get an Emmy nomination…that’s taking it too far.

I think it’s really hard to judge the emotionally driven dances. True this is a talent competition but in reality it’s about finding America’s favorite dancer not who has the most talent or training. If it was about that we would have a whole new list of winner’s. For example Travis would have won and not Benji. Also I think Will would have gotten farther than the top 8 last year or for that matter Katee may have been the top female but I thought she should have won last year. I even thought Twitch could have won it too. My reason behind that is that I watched Twitch when he was on the Wade Robson project and he has improved so much since then. But that’s just my opinion and everyone is entitled to their opinion. I may have reacted differently if I was there to see it performed live. I thought it was well performed by Melissa and Ade. Maybe there was something lacking but I don’t know what that might have been. It will be one of the routine’s that will always be talked about.

On a side note Shane’s hip hop was my actual favorite routine of the night. I thought it was very inventive…his best since the transformer hip hop with Pasha and Lauren. Jason and Kayla were both great. That choke hold at the end was just wow…lol…that’s all I could say after the performance ended. I haven’t been truly impressed by Kayla since her initial audition; don’t get me wrong I think she is a great dancer. Her solo last night was her best one by far…I can only watch her leg extensions so much…we all know that it’s her best feature and it has been used it all of her choreographed dances. Last night solo showed what else she could do. Last night show wasn’t the best top 8 they’ve had, but those things happen.

In the end I have learned to look at the show objectively, I’m still going to love dance at the end of the day. There is always going to be those dances we all love, dances we don’t, and dances that just fall in the middle. It’s also about finding America’s favorite dancer, so if you have a favorite, vote for them and then complain if you don’t like the outcome.

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Dance is one of my biggest passions. I grew up dancing at Augusta West Dance Studio (the same studio that Kathryn McCormick). I have a BFA in theatre/dance from Valdosta State University. Tap is my favorite style of dance.

SYTYCD 2009 Top 8 Power Rankings

While it’s never been easy (in my experience), this week’s Power Rankings are TOUGH! I kinda know what Nigel meant when he said the show felt pretty flat for a bit, though I didn’t completely agree with him. There were some great performances last night, but it kinda feels like maybe everybody (including the judges and Cat) felt their attentions flagging before the big 100th episode blowout (see John’s SYTYCD reminiscing post too). I’m kinda surprised they’re going to pack everything into an hour (if anyone knows differently, let me know) cause it seems like with Katie Holmes and the favorite routines and an extra judge making jokes AND regular elimnations, they’re going to need more time.

Loved Ellen on the show, especially when she said, “I just wanted seats and these were pretty good, so I said yes” and Travis Wall’s group routine. I’m kinda horrified to see if Mia and Ellen will actually wear costumes from the routine, though. Though I really adore a calm Mary Murphy. She really is well-spoken and intelligent, which just annoys me all the more when she begins the hysterics.

Alright, let me get down to it.

Solos: Jeanine, Brandon, Janette and Ade all had really strong solos, for me (in that order). However, I feel like Evan, Jason and Kayla were all giving us more of the same old same old and I was rather bored (as cute as I always find Evan, sigh). Melissa tried to give us something different, but it didn’t work for me, so I’d put her between Jason and Kayla there.

SYTYCD Top 8 Girl Power Rankings:

1. Janette had a great night. She had a strong solo and two solid routines. I feel like she did bring out the inner Latino stallion in Evan, as she promised. And they were strong together in that Sonya jazz routine. She shone, no matter what you think of Evan.

2. Jeanine had the best solo, in my opinion, and the second routine, the hip hop, was really good. I enjoyed it. The first though, that waltz, was so incredibly boring. I don’t feel like that was really the dancers’ fault and there were definitely some lovely moments. I loved the twirl into a lift they did, where Jeanine’s yellow dress proved itself a gorgeous wardrobe choice. But overall, because the “weak” routine was the first one, I think she’ll be fine. She’s my favorite dancer at the moment, hands down. She’s even beaten Evan for me.

3. Melissa really tried to stretch and do something different in her solo. I gotta give her props for that. I don’t dislike her as a dancer, by any means, but I tend to like the way she moves the least. I was bored again during her cha cha with Ade. I really wished they’d each gotten new partners, especially during that cha cha (hated the music, hated it). I wanted to see them with new people. However, they were gorgeous in Tyce’s contemporary. Simply gorgeous. It was the perfect song choice, the second I heard the opening notes to Maxwell’s “This Woman’s Work,” I was there. It was the first time I saw Melissa dancing outside her usual movements and it felt more true than anything else I’ve seen her do. And I don’t suppose they could’ve done what they did if they’d had new partners – I didn’t realize just what a leap Melissa made into Ade’s arms till the playback, but imagine the courage that has to take when her body is her entire career. If he’d slipped just a little, she would nose-dived into the audience. I actually felt twice as affected when I re-watched the routine, if that’s possible.

4. Kayla’s routine was more of the usual from her. I really like her and I think she’s starting to show a lot of personality. But she’s been so cold and buttoned-up so much of the season, and so on-the-ball, that I worry people connect to her the least and haven’t seen her “grow” (because she’s already been there, at least technically), so they won’t vote. I really liked her in Broadway, as the judges did. She was lustrous. And I really liked her in the hip hop with Jason, though a friend who was visiting my house during the show (and dances) did remark that she wasn’t hitting the movements as cleanly or with as much punch as Jason.  It was a cute piece. I would’ve said Melissa after the cha cha, but after the contemporary, I suspect Kayla’s the most in danger.

SYTYCD Top 8 Boy Power Rankings:

1. Ade had a strong solo (as always), a kinda awful cha cha and then that AMAZING contemporary I’ve already talked about at length. It’s the most memorable routine of the night in many ways (even if you hated it, you have to admit that having an entire studio audience and the judges sobbing is memorable). He is such a quiet, solid dancer, Ade. Hope everybody voted for him, because him being in the bottom last week was unforgivable. 🙂

2. Brandon had the strongest male solo. I was pretty impressed with him. The waltz was boring, as I’ve said, but it was first and he really was strong and sexy on that hip hop. He had pretty good chemistry with Jeanine, so I’m thinking he generally had a good night.

3. Evan, oh my Evan (or Evando as Cat clearly enjoyed calling him last night), kinda disappointed me with his solo, as I’ve said. It was cute and good, but he’s not really  incorporating any of the other styles into his solos, as some of the others are doing. He’s learning *a lot* on this show, so I want to see him use it. I really liked both his routines with Janette. They had really good chemistry and as the judges said, he was there for his partner (as he always is). I felt like he came a long way on the spectrum of sexiness – he moved his hips!, did you see that? And Mia has a good point – he may not be the most diverse or technically the best of the dancers, but there is something about him and the way he moves and his personality that makes it wholly enjoyable to watch him. I almost think I’d rather watch him struggle with a dance than a technically perfect but boring routine. But I do recognize that he’s not growing as fast as some of the others, so despite my personal love for him and his ENORMOUS fan base, I’m putting him in the bottom two.

4. Jason disappointed me with his solo, too. There was nothing wrong with it, but it was just too much like most of his others. It was around his solo that Mom texted, “Is it me or do the solos seem the same mostly?” Right as I was texting her the same thing. I agree that he was very charming in the Broadway and pretty awesome as a hip hop zombie. So why’d I put him in the bottom 2, at the very bottom? I guess I just haven’t the heart to put Evan here and I suspect that perhaps Evan’s fanbase might give just a bit of an edge.

But darn, this is HARD! I like everybody at this point, so it’s hard to predict who’s gonna stick around, when I’d really just love to keep watching them in new configurations. Do you suppose SYTYCD may lay off eliminating people this week, in light of how much they’re doing on the 100th episode? But I guess 4 would be quite a lot to leave all in one go next week…

And I know eventually there can be only one. My top 4 at the moment? Jeanine, Ade, Janette and Evan. Can’t wait to see the 100th episode tonight.

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Travis Wall Returns to So You Think You Can Dance

I, like many others, loved Travis Wall’s contemporary piece last Wednesday night. Jeanine and Jason performed this piece well and did Travis’s choreography justice. When Cat said that Travis was one of the choreographers for that night I was excited, because I felt it was about time that Travis did some choreography for the show.

Travis is an amazing dancer and we saw that in season two. He puts his heart and soul into every dance he does. Even though he wasn’t the one on the stage on Wednesday night, a part of him was. One of my favorite solos he did on the show was Blower’s Daughter. That one sticks out in my mind for one reason; it was the first time his mother was able to be at the show. He said it that night that it is because of he mother is the reason why he dances. I think it I safe to say that Travis has a long career ahead of him and maybe even an Emmy nomination.

I want to thank Travis too. It was because of his piece that we were reminded why Jason was chosen to be a part of the top 20. I can’t wait to see his group piece that he is working on.

Travis proved his talent yet again this week with his group routine. He only had a short amount of time to put it together. However you wouldn’t know it from watching the performance. At first I wasn’t too crazy about the costuming, that is till the light went off. I love the creativity with the lights on the costumes; it gave the rave party feel to the dance. Ellen was very clever on taking credit helping Travis with the costumes and her different light suggestions. Thanks to twitter I know he was stressing about getting the routine done, but he pulled it off. It takes talent to be able to do what he did this week. 

Looking forward to seeing him dance on the show again, the bench routine will always be one of my favorites. Then there is Ramalama and this time Wade will be dancing with them…so yes I can’t wait for tonight.

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Dance is one of my biggest passions. I grew up dancing at Augusta West Dance Studio (the same studio that Kathryn McCormick). I have a BFA in theatre/dance from Valdosta State University. Tap is my favorite style of dance.

So You Think You Can Dance Workout DVD Clip

I think that most of my readers know about the 10 free So You Think You Can Dance workout DVD that were giving away. If you don’t then go and check out the details of the free SYTYCD DVDs contest.

There are actually 2 DVDs called So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Cardio Funk and So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Tone and Groove and they are currently available to buy on Amazon (on DVD 7/21). Luckily, I was able to get my hands on an exclusive DVD clip. Check it out:

I think the clip looks really cool and I’m pleasantly surprised how many people have commented on this blog that these DVDs just might be the motivation they need to start exercising. That’s really exciting for me to hear. I hope it does. Plus, you’ll be learning some dance moves at the same time.
So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Cardio Funk (Lauren Gottlieb, Travis Wall, and Courtney Galiano)

So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Tone and Groove (Twitch, Katee Shean, and Dmitry Chaplin)

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Boom Kack! Laurie Ann Gibson Joins the Show

Hi everyone!  I’m new here, so wanted to introduce myself.  I’ve been watching SYTYCD since season 1 and every season I make a mix CD of my favorite tunes.  Unfortunately, I had no idea until this year that John has been listing and linking to all the music since season 2, so I’ve been furiously writing down song names and artists as they fly across the screen!  Phew, now that I found this blog, I can just enjoy the show!

Among the many awesome moments on tonight’s show, Laurie Ann Gibson was introduced as a new choreographer.  I could hear it all across America… “Where do I know her from???”  If you love watching reality dance shows, then you might remember her from Making the Band 3, the show that spawned pop group Danity Kane.  Laurie Ann is tough and often makes people cry because she pushes them so hard.  But as you could see from Jeanine and Brandon’s performance, man does she get good results from it!

Here’s a clip of her in rehearsals for Making the Band 3:

John’s UPDATE: Thanks to the nice people in the comments they also mentioned that Laurie Ann was in Honey and also has an instructional DVD called Breakin’ It Down With Laurie Ann Gibson

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