So many different opinions…here are mine

My opinion about last nights show (July 22). I just had to write what I was feeling.

As long as been watching SYTYCD, Tyce’s breast cancer routine was had been the most emotional routine yet. I’ll admit that it didn’t make me cry till it cut to the judges and by the time Mia started talking I was welling up. I have two Aunts that are breast cancer survivors…so I was able to connect with the dance. After reading so many comments on this site about who loved it, liked it, and those who didn’t care for it, I got to thinking. I can’t help but to think that part of Tyce’s back story on why he choreographed this number seemed to be edited. Unlike Mia’s Time that she did for her father, her concept was clear. It caught me off guard to see Nigel so moved by the routine…it feels like the judges may have known the entire back story as to why Tyce wanted to choreograph such an emotionally driven dance. To say the he only choreographed this routine just to get an Emmy nomination…that’s taking it too far.

I think it’s really hard to judge the emotionally driven dances. True this is a talent competition but in reality it’s about finding America’s favorite dancer not who has the most talent or training. If it was about that we would have a whole new list of winner’s. For example Travis would have won and not Benji. Also I think Will would have gotten farther than the top 8 last year or for that matter Katee may have been the top female but I thought she should have won last year. I even thought Twitch could have won it too. My reason behind that is that I watched Twitch when he was on the Wade Robson project and he has improved so much since then. But that’s just my opinion and everyone is entitled to their opinion. I may have reacted differently if I was there to see it performed live. I thought it was well performed by Melissa and Ade. Maybe there was something lacking but I don’t know what that might have been. It will be one of the routine’s that will always be talked about.

On a side note Shane’s hip hop was my actual favorite routine of the night. I thought it was very inventive…his best since the transformer hip hop with Pasha and Lauren. Jason and Kayla were both great. That choke hold at the end was just wow…lol…that’s all I could say after the performance ended. I haven’t been truly impressed by Kayla since her initial audition; don’t get me wrong I think she is a great dancer. Her solo last night was her best one by far…I can only watch her leg extensions so much…we all know that it’s her best feature and it has been used it all of her choreographed dances. Last night solo showed what else she could do. Last night show wasn’t the best top 8 they’ve had, but those things happen.

In the end I have learned to look at the show objectively, I’m still going to love dance at the end of the day. There is always going to be those dances we all love, dances we don’t, and dances that just fall in the middle. It’s also about finding America’s favorite dancer, so if you have a favorite, vote for them and then complain if you don’t like the outcome.