Travis Wall Returns to So You Think You Can Dance

I, like many others, loved Travis Wall’s contemporary piece last Wednesday night. Jeanine and Jason performed this piece well and did Travis’s choreography justice. When Cat said that Travis was one of the choreographers for that night I was excited, because I felt it was about time that Travis did some choreography for the show.

Travis is an amazing dancer and we saw that in season two. He puts his heart and soul into every dance he does. Even though he wasn’t the one on the stage on Wednesday night, a part of him was. One of my favorite solos he did on the show was Blower’s Daughter. That one sticks out in my mind for one reason; it was the first time his mother was able to be at the show. He said it that night that it is because of he mother is the reason why he dances. I think it I safe to say that Travis has a long career ahead of him and maybe even an Emmy nomination.

I want to thank Travis too. It was because of his piece that we were reminded why Jason was chosen to be a part of the top 20. I can’t wait to see his group piece that he is working on.

Travis proved his talent yet again this week with his group routine. He only had a short amount of time to put it together. However you wouldn’t know it from watching the performance. At first I wasn’t too crazy about the costuming, that is till the light went off. I love the creativity with the lights on the costumes; it gave the rave party feel to the dance. Ellen was very clever on taking credit helping Travis with the costumes and her different light suggestions. Thanks to twitter I know he was stressing about getting the routine done, but he pulled it off. It takes talent to be able to do what he did this week. 

Looking forward to seeing him dance on the show again, the bench routine will always be one of my favorites. Then there is Ramalama and this time Wade will be dancing with them…so yes I can’t wait for tonight.