Predictions for Melissa and Ade After So You Think You Can Dance

I’m always coming up with lots of things that I’d like to write about on this blog. Some of them I just don’t have the time to write (which is why I’m glad I’ve found some help for the site) and others just don’t turn out as nice as they sound in my brain. We’ll see how this one turns out and decide if we should start making this a tradition after every elimination show.

So, here are my predictions of what will happen with Melissa and Ade after So You Think You Can Dance.

Melissa Sandvig
I don’t think we’re likely to see much of Melissa after the SYTYCD tour. She’ll probably do some local ballets here and there, but I expect that Melissa won’t have too much of a dancing career after that. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t think the future is bright for Melissa. I think Melissa’s best quality on SYTYCD was she had that stage presence that was unreal. Starting with her naughty ballerina look to her amazing smile at the end. There’s just something about her on stage that draws you in. Kind of reminds me a bit of Kherington Payne actually.

Much like Kherington, I wouldn’t be surprised if Melissa lands a part in some Hollywood picture. Dance movies are in and Adam Shankman seems to be working on dozens of them. I can really see Melissa having a part in some film. Possibly dancing. Possibly some other part. So, I predict that we won’t see much of Melissa in the dance world but possibly on the big screen.

Ade Obayomi
Ade is a hard one to predict. However, I just feel like he doesn’t have the passion and drive to really make it in the dance world. When I mean make it I mean be a star. He’ll have plenty of work since he really is a rather unique dancer with his height. Plus, he has his lucky pic(or is it pick) which will ensure a good life ahead for him. Although, I predict that most of his dance work will be as background dancers. Possibly dancing for some singer.

Ok, those are my predictions for Ade and Melissa. Care to differ? Let’s hear what you think will happen to Ade and Melissa after the show.

Also, I realized that this could get really hard core shipper quick. So, we’ll see if I do it anymore. My thought was that it would be fun to analyze their prospects after the show. Not make up some fictional story lines about the dancers. I guess we’ll see what you think.