Qualities of America’s Favorite Dancer

I just read a really insightful comment by John Warren discussing what he believed to be the qualities that America’s Favorite Dancer (ie. the Winner of So You Think You Can Dance) should exhibit. I don’t agree with John Warren completely on this list, but it sure is a nice list to start some real discussion on what people base their vote on. For example, one area I disagree with John Warren on is that the look of a dancer is really important to me. America’s Favorite Dancer for me is someone who entertains and how they look will affect their ability to entertain me. Now, take a look at John Warren’s list:

Now, we go to the finale and pick America’s Favorite Dancer here are some things to consider:
1. Which dancer attempts each style with enthusiasm and confidence?
2. Which dancer is willing to take critiques and works to improve each week?
3. Which dancer is working outside of their “strength” in a way that demonstrates skill and style?
4. Which dancer is a true performer?
5. Which dancer is having fun and is someone that you think should be crowned America’s Favorite Dancer?

What we need to stop considering is:
1. Height
2. Body shape
3. Beauty? Cuteness? Attractiveness?….who cares!
4. Hair (or lack there of)
5. Music choices
6. Favorite choreographed pieces (the dancers have no choice in who they work with, what style they get or what choreograhper they get)
7. What they are wearing (again they have no choice in the costumes they wear)
8. Random observation on their preceived personality traits—especially if you have never met them.
9. What Lil C or any other judge says about them
10. Superficial stuff that has no impact on their dancing whatsoever!

Now it’s your turn to share what criteria you use or think should be used to choose America’s Favorite Dancer.

As a side note, if any of you make lists of interesting things like this, feel free to send it to me on the Pure SYTYCD contact us page and I’ll consider posting it as a guest blog post.