Ellen, Paula Abdul, and SYTYCD Guest Judges

So You Think You Can Dance dipped its foot into the water of having a guest judge on the show. I wasn’t personally that impressed with Ellen, but my twitter stream seemed to really love them. I think Ellen finally got into a nice rhythm in the second half of the show and had some good jokes.

Turns out that now Paula Abdul might be available to be a judge on So You Think You Can Dance since Paula’s quite American Idol. Nigel has already acknowledged that he’d welcome her as a guest judge on SYTYCD: “We would certainly consider her as a guest judge,” Dance executive producer/judge Nigel Lythgoe told the New York Daily News. “Without question.” Nigel’s even suggested that Paula could come on SYTYCD as a choreographer which would be interesting as well. Personally, I’d be fine with Paula Abdul on SYTYCD, but I don’t really see her making the switch since SYTYCD still has far fewer viewers than American Idol. I guess we’ll see since Paula is better known for her dancing than her singing.

However, I think that So You Think You Can Dance should consider another guest judge. I think they need to find a guest judge that knows the show very well. Someone who is very familiar with the various dancers. Someone who relates to the fans very well and knows what gets the fans of SYTYCD excited. Fox needs to find a guest judge that understands and appreciates dance, but maybe isn’t necessarily too worried about ALL the technical details of the dance either. Someone who can judge similar to how America will pick “America’s Favorite Dancer.”

Ok, really I think they should just invite me to be a guest judge on the show. Would be really interesting no? Of course, it would probably be even more interesting if Fox held a competition between all the various SYTYCD bloggers and let the winner of the competition be a guest judge. Wouldn’t that be cool? Only problem is that after looking at what Fox did to ruin the So You Think You Can Dance website and forums, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be able to deliver on a promotion like this. However, I’m willing to offer my services if they need some help setting it up;-)