My SYTYCD Season 5 Quick Thoughts

Time for my thoughts on the finale. You can find a lot more discussion from other people here.

I just want to say that I really enjoyed the finale. Sure, this season was a bit of a down season, but like I’ve said before, if this is a down season, then I can’t wait to see an up season.

I loved the Kodak and think they should do all the finales there. It was a great atmosphere and really added to the energy. Plus, the judges didn’t have to feel like they were totally crowded in the little table.

I think the real issue with choosing past dances is there weren’t enough stand out dances. So, we’re debating which of the average dances should have been on the show.

The surprise of the night for me was how good Jeanine and Phillip’s Nappytabs dance was. I forgot how good that really way.

Jeanine gets a black mark from me. That kiss of Jason wasn’t as good as the previous one.

Jason gets a big man hug from me for kissing 2 of the most beautiful girls on the Kodak stage in front of millions.

I couldn’t help but notice that Lil’ C didn’t participate with the other judges in the Chorus Line number. I love that he’s true to who he is. That said, I couldn’t help but notice that the choreographers that I’d never really want to see dance on stage were the ones on stage. The choreographers I’d like to see dance weren’t on stage. Although, with that said, I didn’t mind the little 30 second thing they did. However, how cool would it be to see say Lil’ C, Dave Scott and Shane Sparks on the same stage?

Cat Deeley proved that she does look good even in just a sheet.

If Ryan Kasprzak gets into the top 20 of SYTYCD season 6, he’s going to have such the advantage with all this face time (and Evan’s fan base).

21 million votes is a lot. I’m glad that SYTYCD is doing so well.

I wonder if it’s a bad thing that I knew pretty much every dancer that was shown in the SYTYCD 5 highlight video. Actually, not just knew them, but remembered their back story and often knew the song that they danced to. Yes, I am a SYTYCD-a-holic.

I’m really glad that SYTYCD did a good job of not drawing out the results. They just brought them on stage and told them. Perfect pacing for the results I think.

Janette was a real highlight of the night. So glad to see her back. Although, Caitlin is still stunningly beautiful. She should be a model or something. WOW!

I was really glad they gave Max a spot on the finale. He shouldn’t have been sent home when he was sent home.

I most missed not seeing Karla perform on the finale. She deserved some time and I would have loved to see her again.

I loved the Fame preview. I’d already seen it before and I’m a self proclaimed Kherington Fan-boi, but I can’t wait to see Fame.

Mary needs to be removed as a permanent judge and replaced by Adam Shankman. Time to start our #VoteMaryOffSYTYCD campaign.

Nigel’s beaming smile in this show was interesting. I think he’s sincerely excited about the success of SYTYCD.

I could have done without the Argentine Tango. Didn’t really enjoy it either time.

I still love the Nappytabs/Dmitry group number and I’m glad it made it to the finale.

My thoughts on Jeanine are here.

I can’t wait for the SYTYCD tour and SYTYCD season 6. However, next week I’m going to enjoy a few days break from SYTYCD. Don’t worry though. It will only last a couple days and then we’ll be back getting things hyped for SYTYCD 6. The really good thing for me (and my family) is that a number of people have offered to help blog for Pure SYTYCD next season. Although, I’m considering covering SYTYCD Canada on Pure SYTYCD, so if there are any other Canadians that would like to help out please let me know.