Thoughts on Judges Favorite Dances from SYTYCD 5 Finale

Adam Shankman: His first pick a Nappy Tabs hip hop with Phillip and Jeanine. This dance started off the season. We expected Phillip to do well, but Jeanine was the surprise. I agree with Adam when he said this what started her journey. His second pick was Mia’s butt dance. Randy and Evan were a great couple I love watching them together. This was my favorite Mia dance of the season because it was just a fun light hearted piece.

Debbie Allen: Her picks actually surprised me a little bit. First was the Waltz with Auska and Vitolio. This wasn’t my favorite ballroom of the season but what I loved about this routine was the fact Louis based it on Vitolio’s story. It was a beautiful dance. Her second was the top 16 hip hop fusion number. Nappy Tabs and Dmitry really did well putting together a creative number. Very Flashdance like Debbie said with the water on the tables.

Lil C: I love the Bollywood routine with Jason and Caitlin. I thought it was their best routine as a couple. I wish he had two picks I would have loved to know more of Lil C’s favorite dances. Lil C always manages to surprise me, he may be the “King of Krump” but he has an passion for all forms of dance.

Tyce: He may have had only one pick but he chose disco with Brandon and Janette. I love how he had a story of how he had once danced to the same song. In my opinion it was the best disco of the season.

Mia Michaels: Her first pick was another dance from the first show. Max and Kayla’s samba. This was a favorite for me in the fact we got to see Max do what he does best, I was a little disappointed that he didn’t stick around longer. Her second pick was no surprise to me. Tyce’s routine about breast cancer touched her in a way it didn’t for many of the viewers (or at least the one on here). I am looking forward to seeing this dance the way the judges did…without all of the close ups.

Mary Murphy: Her first pick was also my favorite of the entire season, Travis’s routine. It was also the first time that Jeanine and Jason had their own style, and both showed America what they could do. I loved it when Jeanine said that the kiss at the end wasn’t part of the choreography, I would like to know who’s idea it was. Also I hope they find another dress for the tour, I think that one has had enough…lol. Jeanine and Brandon’s Paso was her second pick. Even though we had seen it the night before, it was nice to see it again. It was one of my favorites from the night before. It also created one of my favorite quotes from Jeanine.

Nigel Lythgoe: Brandon and Jenette’s Argentine tango was up first. It was a great dance but not my favorite ballroom number that they did together. The salsa was my favorite (the one where Jenette was wearing pink). Mia’s addiction piece with Kayla and Kapono was his second choice. This was also one of my favorites, like so many other viewers. It was an emotional piece for both dancers and you saw it when they performed. Also I laughed when he said Mary admitting that she uses botox, was one of his favorite moments. Anyone else catch what he said about if her jewelry was from a hand mirror that had shattered from all her screaming.

I like seeing the top 8 group number again with the added surprise of the judges joining them on stage. The fact that I was in A Chorus Line in college was part of the reason I like the routine in the first place. I just wish Lil C was up there too. I also glad they brought back the Rage Boys Crew…the little ones are so cute.

There were some others that I really liked that I thought we would have seen on last nights show. Like Wade’s crash test dummies, I liked the concept of this dance. Okay maybe a part of me wanted to see how long it would take that little dog to cross the Kodak stage…well not really it was a cute prop. Also I loved his dance for the top four, allowing all the dancers to play a character. I actually wanted to watch more of the rehearsal process just to watch Wade dance. Shane Sparks zombie hip hop is another one I thought we would see. Speaking of hip hop the second Nappy Tabs hip hop that Phillip and Jeanine did with the chain was another on that I liked. I still don’t understand how that landed them in the bottom three that week. Oh and Brandon and Kayla’s Broadway from last night was just wow…I so want to see that one again.

I’m sure I left some out but I can’t wait to see which ones make the tour show.