Jeanine Mason Interviews After Winning SYTYCD

This is a nice little interview of Jeanine Mason, Mary Murphy and Mia Michaels after Jeanine Mason was announced the winner of So You Think You Can Dance.

The most interesting part of the interview for me was that Jeanine said she was going to give a big chunk of the money to a charity (smart move to avoid some taxes). Nice thought, but it’s not just any charity. Jeanine says it’s the “Making Memories” Alzheimer’s charity which she and her sister started in honor of their grandfather. I searched to try and find a website for the charity so other people could go and support it. Does anyone know the website? If they don’t have one, I’m willing to collect donations for them if they like.

As a side note, Pure SYTYCD and my other website, Pure Dancing with the Stars, has been considering putting together some sort of community effort to support dancers. Probably partner with some organization like the DizzyFeet foundation. The goal would be to support dancers who would never have the possibility to take dance classes and not just dancers who are going to take more classes. If someone has connections for that, let us know.

Ok, now the other interview of Jeanine Mason for all to enjoy:

Here’s a list of other upcoming TV Appearances:
Monday – Live with Regis & Kelly – 9am Eastern- Local Listings
Monday – It’s On with Alexa Chung – 12pm Eastern- Local Listings
Monday – Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – 12:35 Eastern

Phillip Chbeeb tweeted the following about SYTYCD on Jimmy Fallon “On my way to NY to perform my sytycd “mad” piece with jeanine Mason (Monday on the Jimmy Fallon Show)”

UPDATE: Here’s Jeanine Mason’s interview with TV Guide