Best Prop – SYTYCD Season 5 “EmMandy” Awards

In our ongoing series of choreography “EmMandy” Awards, here’s the award for “Best Prop” from So You Think You Can Dance season 5 (winner is in Bold). Take a look at the other SYTYCD Season 5 “EmMandy” Awards.

“Best Prop”

  • “The Butt Dance”, Randi’s butt
  • ‘Love Lockdown”, the chain
  • “If it Kills Me”, the necklace
  • “Send in the Clowns”, the toy box
  • “Moses”, the feathers
  • “Crash Test Dummies”, the robot dog

Though I agree with the judges comments about how the chain was an unpredictable, and therefore messy, prop, I LOVED the concept. When you’re in a relationship with another person, doesn’t it feel like there’s a chain holding you together? You can’t go anywhere without the other person, or do anything without the other person knowing. And I loved the end when Philip offered Jeanine the key, a way out. I mentioned in another post that the heart was a cute addition to Travis’ dance but it was not choreographed into it very well. The poor dancers looked like they were having a hard time throwing/catching/biting/etc. the necklace.