Mark Your Calendars – SYTYCD Best Routine Special!

With Season 6 just around the corner…I visited the Fox website to remind myself when season 6 begins…September 9th. Then, I noticed that on September 2nd they are doing a SYTYCD special feature. They will be reshowing some of the best routines from every season of SYTYCD.

I must have missed this announcement or I just wasn’t paying that much attention. So this is just a friendly reminder to save this date. As for what dances we will see…well, I can think of a few. I know the one I would like to see again…not including the ones we saw this past season.

Season 1: Nick & Melody- Disco
Blake & Ashlee- Samba
Ashlee & Melody- Comtemporary

Season 2: Tranji- Hip Hop
Benji & Donyelle- Broadway
Alison & Ivan- Contemporary
Top 6- Group routine to Hide and Seek

Season 3: Danny & Neil- Princes
Lacey & Cameron- Contemporary
Sara & Neil- Disco

Season 4: Twitchington- Viennese Waltz
Mark & Courtney- The Garden
Will & Katee- Pas de Deux

Those are just a few of the many dances. I know there are many I didn’t list…like just about all of Wade’s routines. So, feel free to add your favorites to the list, and remember to watch September 2nd to see if any of your favorites are replayed.