Katee Shean Makeup Contest Winner Pictures

Many of you probably remember about the Katee Shean makeup contest that we held here on Pure SYTYCD. Well, one of the winners was kind enough to send a review of the makeup and also some pictures of her wearing the makeup. Thanks to Cliche Cosmetics for providing the makeup.

Hi John! I haven’t had a performance to wear the make-up to yet, but I did a trial run this evening.

The colors are perfect, actually great for what I usually use and what I didn’t have. I can tell that it will wear well, stay on and last for a while.

I’m attaching a few pictures I snapped. I should have used a bronzer so I wasn’t so white in spots, but you get the drift.

Thanks again! This make-up should last a while too 🙂


Now to the pictures:

Thanks Nielle for sharing!!

Today is the final day to enter the free Burn the Floor tickets and rumor has it that a winner of the SYTYCD Workout DVD’s is making a video for all of us to enjoy.